The powers that be have kept me away


In reply to Anacoluthon64’s question, yes it has been a long time that I have been away from the forum, but I have checked-in from time to time to follow the threads whenever I have had access to the 'Net.

It’s a long story (and mostly irrelevant) … so leave while you can.

My participation was cut short in November when my dial-up modem ceased to work. No idea why. Perhaps “someone” wasn’t happy with my postings on the “evolution words games” thread. ::slight_smile:

When I applied for DSL I was given the last minute bonus that there were no free modems for the free modem promotion. I’d have to wait a few weeks but they would be available by christmas. No good, I was overseas.

When I got back I got the modem but my application had been automatically suspended and it took until mid January to get everything resolved.

I’m glad to see my absence was noticed. :slight_smile:

“Bandwidth shedding,” eh? :smiley:


Yeah, I’m in a similar situation atm. Moved into a new place and I now have to wait for my internet connection to be moved. I have no idea when that will be…

I thought I’d just let you know about Telkoms new policy re: cable theft…

I’ve been without a landline and adsl for 6 weeks now, >:( and have only now been informed by Telkom that they will notbe replacing the cables. Their new policy is that any areas deemed as being a “high risk” area with regards to cable theft will not have their cables replaced. It appears no-one can make a decision on whether to replace the stolen cables with fiber optics or underground cables, and no-one can tell me when this momentous decision will be made. All I’ve been told is that it may take months.
Wireless is out of the question because my area has zero coverage.

So, load shedding and no telecommunication - perhaps it’s a “sign” that I should be doing my work instead of reading the forum ;D

It might not help, but it might make you feel better :wink:

All I can say is that I never regret the decision to let go of telkom - makes life much less stressful. But then I do have coverage for wireless internet. What wireless providers have you tried?

Hi Bluegray V,

Thanks for the link, I’ll look into it. I phoned iBurst and was told I don’t fall into their coverage, I didn’t think I would - I don’t know of any other providers. My next option is checking if 3G/ HSPDA will be worth my while - I’m open to any other suggestions ;D.
BTW, I’m in the Walkerville area - not quite in the middle of nowhere, but close enough ::slight_smile:

Yeah, 3G/HSPDA will probably be your best bet. Last time I checked for wireless providers in the Gauteng area, it didn’t look promising. Maybe check if anything has changed…

Out here in a forgotten corner of Limpopo, we’ve never had load shedding, nor cable theft. If a storm causes a power outage or a landline fault, its repaired within an hour or two of my reporting.

Had some Telkom techies do a site inspection here the other day. They say they’re preparing to replace our landlines with radio links. Strange innit? We’ve never had cable theft and our landlines are working just fine.

You folks should consider moving to the bush.


I’m moving to Walkerville in a weeks time and now I am panicking because there’s no internet access. Have you managed to come right with some form of coverage?

Ohoh :o

For my two cents:
I had to get immediate access last year because my new job required it. I could not wait the two months for telcom. I looked at iburst, but according to their map, my coverage would have been poor.
I don’t live in the boonies, I live in the North of Jo’burg, and your 3G signal depends on your area (and can vary even from one area of your house to the other I have found).
To make a long story longer, I can’t get a cell phone contract because I am not yet a permanent resident (or I thought I could not, but an Aussie collegue here says that has changed).
ANYWAY… I bought a vodacom USB Modem (for about R2300), a 4U starter pack, and airtime. I then converted the pay as you go airtime into a data bundle, and voila, I’ve got pay as you go internet.
The data bundle expires in 30 days, so whatever is unused, you lose.
500 MB fits me pretty well for a month (I don’t download many big files), and that costs R189.
You can get a Gig for only 289. The good thing is, you don’t hit a cap, you just buy more airtime.
I have been very happy with this connection. It is faster than my connection at work, and you don’t have to wory about your telcom line going down. There are technical problems with Vodacom from time to time, but I have found that seldom, and a situation where I can’t connect for a few minutes or my connection drops. The modem connects much better than my cell phone at that particular spot.
I’d say it is worth a bash.

And by the by ArgumentumAdHominem,
Apologies I did not notice you have been away. I was also away for about two months not from having no connection, but for working horrendous hours over the year end and into Feb.
I’m not going into it as I have mentioned it in other threads, and soon everyone will start to think I am just whining about it.

Glad your back :slight_smile:

Thanks Scienceteacherinexile…

I’ll try that! Freaks me out that there are no Telkom lines, Iburst or 3G coverage out there. Guess I wanted the country life… now I’m getting it! (lol) ;D

Hi Ohoh,
Unfortunately the telkom lines are still down :(, and there is absolutely no iburst coverage at all >:(, so it looks like I’ll have to go the 3G route. If you’d like to contact me by pm about living out here, please feel welcome. With all the hassles we have, I wouldn’t move back to the suburbs even if I was given a house for free.
And welcome to the forum, I’m also a newbie and I enjoy reading all the comments and ideas shared here.

Scienceteacherinexile, thanks for the advice and info - I’m definitely going to look into it. :slight_smile: