The School Easter Play - Oz Style

This guy is classic. The background:

While preaching is not allowed in Australian public schools, it is apparently fine to replace school counsellors with 'Christian Volunteers' such as Darryl.

A few years ago, the government realised that they could hand over school counselling roles to a willing Christian church without having to pay for the privilege. Now almost half of Australian public schools have a Christian volunteer as a full time member of the school community with parents having no direct control of how much their children are exposed to.

Although usually an advocate of people being entitled to their opinions, sexual preferences and beliefs, I seem to have developed some form of mental glitch that makes me want to punch Daryl’s fat head.

Now read the story and see a pic of Daryl at :


Oh man, that was exquisite! ;D ;D ;D Made my day - thanks for sharing.


Lol, reminds me of this:
Kyle Kills Jesus

Brilliant. Sent the link to my daughter and girlfriend. Thanks :slight_smile: