The Scouring of Eskom?

Now this is interesting…

I am frankly surprised, because I happen to know De Ruyter personally (we were school mates and have been friends ever since), and as far as I know, he’s a veritably foam-at-the-mouth opponent of appointments based on political loyalty. And surely those who appointed him know this? He’s going to clean Eskom out, from top to bottom, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he fired a third or more of the company’s current employees (apparently there are whole legions of “employees” who are on the payroll but don’t actually have job descriptions or do much of anything, not to mention the state capturers and Gupta operatives).

He’s hugely competent, and as the article notes, there is not the slightest whiff of scandal about him. I have to wonder whether he bit off more than he can chew here. But I can tell you this: if he can’t turn Eskom around, no one can. I very much fear that he will end up having his hands tied by the politicians and unions, in which case he will resign, and quite possibly emigrate to boot (his parents were Dutch, and he has the right to Dutch citizenship).

Still, for the first time in a long time I see a sign of hope. Perhaps the government, or at least some in it, are beginning to realize that you cannot legislate reality out of existence, and that we need drastic action here.

It’s actually funny: my landlady and I have long thought that they should appoint some white, Afrikaans, conservative baas at Eskom, and give him free reins to clean the place up. It appears that this is exactly what they have now done. It remains to be seen whether he’ll actually have free reins, mind you…

I was listening to them discuss the guy on Classic FM’s business feature last night, and I too will be cautiously optimistic. They indicated that his manufacturing sector credentials are beyond reproach, … however it sounded like what he knows about electrical generation and distribution is probably lacking. Then again, at this point just getting the place on the up-and-up could make worlds of difference in and of itself. At least there’s some action.

Having never heard of the bloke myself, can’t really comment any more than that. Here’s hoping…

I do have a rough idea of what the markets think:

EDIT: But the EFF are not fans

That the EFF doesn’t like it is not surprising. Typically they don’t even like the black appointees, so one can imagine what they think of a lily white Dutchman getting the job. They apparently genuinely think it is more important for South Africa to be black than to be working. They may have their wish yet.

It is true he has no experience in electricity supply. But he did work in the energy sector for a long time, and I suspect in any event that this job is going to be more about proper management, and cleaning up the pigsty, than a technical job as such.

The EFF calls the appointment racist. But is the EFF’s call not racist?

Just a thought experiment, but wouldn’t it be cool if the president decided that the EFF should decide who gets the job? who will they appoint then? Keeping in mind that seeing as it is their choice, they are responsible if he messes up?

It is easy to criticize when you do not occupy the throne, and need not take responsibility for your decisions.

I don’t think they give a flying fig about anything or anyone working as long as they get their money.

Yup. Comrade Malema is probably in it only for himself. One should call his bluff: my brother once suggested, only partly in jest, that we should donate a piece of land to the EFF, seeing as they are so adamant about wanting the land. of course, not a developed farm, just a piece of land. And then have journalists follow their progress with it over the next few years. :slight_smile:

Clearly that would NOT be the end of it. They’d demand buildings be built, equipment be provisioned, seed be sent, money be given, irrigation installed, training be given, etc… Remember people don’t become good farmers by being good farmers, it’s institutional privilege that has granted them all these aforementioned “advantages” like mana from the sky that has made them successful. Something something: Capitalism is Evil.

Look it’d still be a disaster but they’d be claiming they need “the next thing” until the ACTUAL coming of Jesus Christ (iow: Infinity). Ever admit that the experiment failed? HA!

Oh, of course they’d nit, but that doesn’t matter if their supporters see through them and withdraw support. Not much hope for that either, I suppose…

In the meantime, a somewhat skeptical view of the Eskom thing:

SLR: Eskom and The End of Race