The tenets of the Centurion NG Church

If memory serves me right, this is the same church that fired the gay pianist because his lifestyle was “immoral” a couple years back…

Dominee's wife allegedly steals R6.3m 2012-06-09 10:49

Johannesburg - The wife of a Centurion NG Church minister has appeared in court for allegedly stealing R6.3m from her workplace, Beeld reported on Saturday.

Anchen Lindeque, 36, appeared in the Pretoria Commercial Court on Friday on a theft charge.

Lindeque, a qualified lawyer, was arrested in October 2011 after R6 259 241.66 disappeared from a law firm where she was employed.

She was a co-director as well as in charge of bookkeeping and financial management at the firm at the time she is alleged to have siphoned the money out of the firm’s trust account into various other accounts.

The money transfers took place between 2008 and 2009.

She allegedly covered her tracks by creating false journal entries.

Lindeque, a mother of four, is expected to enter her plea when court proceedings resume in August.

She is currently out on bail of R5 000.

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Really, if I’m ever pressed to believe in a god, I’ll opt for Karma, she’s a bloody evil bitch and I like it! :smiley:

Well, from a church’s perspective, stealing is really just business as usual. In this case, the minister’s wife merely dispensed with the foreplay, that’s all… 0:)


We all know lots of ministers are wolves in sheep clothing, and are really shit examples of morality more times than not.

I know of one “new” minister in a church I used to attend whom, upon moving in, started demanding all kinds of luxurious amenities for “his” house. Then systematically started getting rid of (via peer pressure, playing politics, etc) elders/custodians who happened to disagree. Atm I view the man as a politician. All to great consternation I have to bear every time I talk to current/ex members of that church. (They don’t all know I can’t give a fart because I don’t believe in their imaginary friend).

I’ve met great ministers (in the moral aspect) over the course of my life. However those guys seem hell-bent on suffrage. I don’t think I’ve found any that try out the “middle ground”. They seem to be the old-school variety, the new ones all think they are the pope (I’ve seen guys claiming they are in touch with god and speaks on his behalf nogal). Mind you thinking you’re the pope should not be an ego-boosting experience.

There are three kinds of pianists: Jewish pianists, gay pianists, and bad pianists. - attributed to Vladimir Horowitz

R6 259 241.66 disappeared from a law firm
An extenuating consideration, perhaps? ;)


Or all of the above? >:D