There's a Bantu in my Bathroom

A gay, liberal, atheist, coloured (but identifies himself as black) South African bought up on the Cape Flats but who managed to escape the poverty of most his peers, provides some interesting debates and insights. Some political, some social issues up for discussion and although I feel that the man has some personal and maturity issues, it was an interesting enough read and the S/O and I spent a few hours discussing the viewpoints raised.

He should reserve his opinions on women’s issues though, he lacks insight to the historical, relgious and cultural problems most South African women has to deal with.

As with most of the “liberal” books, he is preaching to the choir, and I doubt whether the average Saffa will be able to understand his viewpoints at all. A goodish read to fill up a boring hour or two though and not too expensive to consider the money wasted.


Eusebius McKaiser


Says he’s agnostic on his profile…

Claims atheist in the book. Much of a muchness.

as an agnostic atheist, it makes sense to me :stuck_out_tongue: 0:)