Trivia hour

Few things are so engaging as a good old pub quiz. Unfortunately they are a rare event in my neck of the woods, and I thought it may be interesting or even fun to see how closely we can simulate such an animal right here on Would appreciate any suggested improvements.

So here are the (raw) rules :

  1. Reply to this thread if you want to play.

  2. You are allowed up to 3 members to lend assistance (say, your housemate or family), but looking up the answers in any way is strictly forbidden. Don’t make me hack into your webcam! :slight_smile:

  3. Jot down 5 questions of the general knowledge type in preparation.

  4. Rock up at your terminal on Tuesday 19th Feb at 19h00 sharp, and log into the forums. Suitable beverages are allowed, but, as always, at the players own risk. 8)

  5. Go to the Shoutbox section on the index page. Indicate that you are present by posting a howzit.

  6. Not too long after 19h00, the first person to be quiz master will be indicated (I’ll use a die).

  7. The quiz master posts one of his questions into Shoutbox. The question is deemed open.

  8. The remaining players immediately try to answer the question correctly. Only answers posted while the question is “open” will be considered as potentially correct.

  9. The Quiz master identifies the first player to answer correctly. The quiz master’s decision is final.

  10. If, after 1 minute but no more than 2 minutes, no correct answer was posted, the quiz master provides the answer, and the question is immediately deemed closed.

  11. The quiz master then completes his/ her set of questions in a similar fashion.

  12. Once all five questions are asked, the next player down the alphabet gets to be quiz master, and the process repeats.

  13. Once all the players have had their turn to be quiz master, and all questions are closed, the points are tallied and the winner identified.

  14. You may now comment on or contest any of the answers that you did not agree with. Unfortunately it will only be for the sake of interest. Life isn’t fair, hey. ::slight_smile:

  15. The winner will receive one critical thinker point as prize.

What do you recon?


If this is going to be “Mefiante grade”, count me out. ;D

Seriously though, what’s wrong with voice chat?

Oh hell yes, sorry Mefiante, as much as I admire you, I wouldnt even attempt this with you around…

It sounds like fun though.

I don’t know … is it like a conference call? Is it a feature of this forum … doesn’t sound familiar.

Ag no man, don’t worry about ol’ Mefi. While I was recently impressed with her knowing what a coach screw was, she’s also tipped her hand plenty of times. You must just ask the right thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not a “forum thing”.

You install a free application (there are various ones, skype is the most common), then yes: if you have a mic and some headphones, it’s a conference call over the internet. Can totally understand if people don’t have microphones etc. But if possible it’d actually be interesting.

Okay, I’ll sit back, watch the show and eat popcorn — unless there’s an unanswered question about hardware, of course… :wink:


hahahah I want to see you resist this! ;D

I don’t have anything about Mefi wiping the floor with me. I’m just asking about the expected difficulty of the questions.

I wouldn’t be able to answer something like: “How many sub-b-quark-mason-majigs is there in a jiggawatt?”

Me neither. :stuck_out_tongue:

Brian, maybe you should make that a quiz question: “Can Mefiante hold her tongue on a quiz?” :-X


Nothing too hectic, I should think. Of your 5 questions, come up with 2 that you’d expect 60% of your buddies to know, 2 questions that 30% should know, and 1 that you think only you will know. Something like that.


Simple. It’s 42, of course.

I’m starting to see the advantages of that number, Brianvds! :smiley: