Trump Rally Violence

This guy is really something else. Wow
According to Trump, he is blameless in inciting violence at his rallies. Being a true politician there.

He seems much like a zuma or maybe a mugabe?

Trump is thoroughly nuts. That’s not the surprising bit. The surprising bit is that he has so much support. :slight_smile:

He is more a Malema. I dont find his following all that surprising. Keeping in mind that he speaks to the poor rather than the wealthy, and the poor is generally less educated. The stats around the US poor presents us with figures of 19 odd million being white, which is enough to keep him in the race. Poverty Statistics - Federal Safety Net

People inherently want someone to tell them what to do and a strong leader (strong does not equate good) would be able to manipulate the masses to any end. Even easier if you keep them dumbed down and/or desperate, have a look at the stats for college degreed people without jobs on this site. Its very concerning as these people would be feeling extremely frustrated and futile in their lives. The US is ripe for a revolution.

There are 48.5 million adults between the ages of 18 and 64 (working age) that are not working which totals 25% of the work force. Nonworking adults includes individuals looking for work and adults who are not searching for work such as stay at home moms and dads, individuals that have enough resources that they can live without work and others that are low-income but have given up looking for work and rely on the welfare system. Nonworking adults have a high Poverty Rate of 33.7%.

Makes our issues seem reasonable.

I’m getting déjà vu from my critique of objectivism. The problem here is if the “captains of industry” only act in their own self interest the system starts intensifying income inequality and poverty just keeps gaining momentum. Eventually the poor will damn-well decide it’s time to act in their own self interest. Part of the problem, however, is that desire is not well informed nor well educated nor well expressed. Due to the nature of the beast, it is expressed in a fairly basic and blunt manner.

The more educated and well stated expression of this desire: Bernie Sanders, doesn’t speak to the same audience. Even though it is probably the better alternative and in the long run better for the actual interests of the “disenfranchised”, they see him as part of the problem because he’s “one of them”.


The US is ripe for a revolution.

You could say the the rich tend to be equally stupid as a group, and tend to learn their lesson only when their heads hit the bottom of the basket. Wealth creates a massive false sense of security.

The peculiar thing about America is that it is the one country on earth where poverty was not very successful in breeding communism. As Steinbeck put it, poor Americans do not see themselves as oppressed and exploited, but as merely temporarily embarrassed millionaires. And thus the poor keep right on voting directly against their own interests.

It’s very weird.

Not really, its probably the only working model of communism that you could find. They’re an extremely successful communist country and nobody realises it as it is covered with a thin veil of “freedom”. I’m sure there is a very difficult to pronounce term for my opinion but I dont have time to go searching the web for it.

IMHO their public enemy #1 for a very, very long time were the “commies”. I think due to that they have a massive mental block against anything “communist”. You can still sell them communism, just don’t call it communism.

Looks like anonymous doesn’t like Trump either.