USA: 7.5m people left religion since 2012

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A new survey shows that the Great Decline of religion in America continues. Since 2012, the U.S. has about 7.5 million Americans who are no longer active in religion.

Last week, the 2014 General Social Survey (GSS) was released. The GSS is the gold standard for sociological surveys. Funded by the National Science Foundation this multi-million dollar study gives us the most accurate data on American society — including religion.

Here are three measures that show that the percentage of Americans who left religion increased between 2012 and 2014, reaching its highest level in decades.

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Pointed out by Dennett on Twitter.

Hope springs eternal.

Considering just how odious much of American religiosity is, it is perhaps not surprising. Alas, only the thinking fraction of America’s population is leaving religion. I’m surprised that it is as large as it is. :slight_smile:

There is an inverse correlation between income and religiosity by country. Interestingly, the US is far off the trend, as depicted in the graph below, published in a PEW study. If they catch up belatedly, one should not be too surprised. Another way of looking at it, is that the US is remarkably wealthy, given their retarded level of sociological development.

My guess is that they were not always as retarded as they are now. In fact, if you ask me, one of the mysteries of modern socio-politics is America’s incredible, radical and rapid swing toward rightwing, anti-science nuttery over the past few decades. They sometimes seem to be deliberately, even gleefully, unmaking the very civilization that their ancestors paid for in blood, sweat and toil.

No surprise really. I was brought up with Bible idly clanking around in the background, and I seem to recall that it’s easier for a needle to pass through the eye of a rich man, than for a camel to pass through the pearly gates.