Adriaan Groenewald initiated this campaign. I like it and support it.Our Country needs guide-lines such as this. And I wish we could all co-ordinate and co-operate in such an effort.

did it

Whilst I can support such an initiative, I’m sitting here in front of a top-of-the-range laptop, on the 29th floor of very posh premises, listening to the hush of the aircon pumping warm air, reading all about it on the interwebs… WE dont need this, its that kid in the veld utilising an open-pit toilet and wearing 20 year old hand-me-downs that need it. So, tell me, how do you intend reaching that kid?

Values, ethics and morals are instilled at a young age, it can be taught later in life, but not generally to that chap that has no opportunities in life, I can take my yearly intake of rural matriculants and teach this to them, but simultaneously, we’re offering these kids opportunities, which makes them receptive to our version of values and the promise of money and a future.

With no opportunities to do something with your life, no prospects of a job that pays even minimum wage, values go take a flying hike, and it becomes a personal battle for survival, that old phrase of dog-eat-dog comes to mind.

Fix that, and we can fix the value system of this country. Reaching and educating 40 odd million people is somewhat of a challenge imo.

The best world cup ever, Nelson Mandela, the big five and Ubuntu. UUUUUURRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!