Various natural phenomena

Saw two unusual natural phenomena today: a halo around the Sun and a chameleon (haven’t seen one for many years!)

I put up photos on a blog here:

Regarding the chameleons making a comeback. I think this is more likely an escaped “pet”.

Sun dog. Interesting phenomenon, last one I saw must be more than a dozen years ago. Trapsuutjies. Cute little guys, last one I saw was fleeing from the previous sun dog. :wink:


There used to be owls that would pitch up around my house at night, Until they vanished for a couple of years.

This week they came back for some reason. Good stuff.

But how would it end up in my apartment, I wonder. I saw one several years ago, crossing the road not far from here, so I stopped and helped it across, fearing it would be run over by a car. Perhaps this was one of its offspring coming to say thank you, and informing me that I’ll have good luck from now on. I.e. perhaps it’s a karma chameleon.

I have only seen sun dogs once in my life, years ago.

As for the halo, the lady who works in the office at the school where I teach made sure that everyone saw it, because she excitedly started shouting and screaming over the intercom system that we must all go outside - there’s an eclipse of the sun in progress.


LOL. A critter that I recall from childhood also once again crossed my path after thirty years. Only back then we called them Sea-Monkeys and they were kept as pets. Today I call them brine shrimp and keep them as fodder for goldfish. I’ll see if I can take a reasonable snapshot of one.

According to the sundog link, the circle appears 22o from the sun. Now, will you be able to verify this claim by measuring the phenomenon on your photograph?


Was it just a halo or was there bright spots on the halo?

We have Chameleons in my area, so I come across them from time to time in the garden.

Sure. I Print out the photo, and if I hold the print at the right distance, the angle between the sun and the edge of the circle is indeed 22 degrees. :slight_smile:

No, just the halo.