Visit to Hartbeeshoek Radio Astronomy Observatory

@ 25°53’27.1"S 027° 41’12.7"E. See the FB event for more details.

I would like to go. How do I book?

Just reply on the event, I’m going to do a mass booking. Cut off is 50 people though.

i dont have access to facebook. can i ask for two spots?

Neither do I, but I’d like to acquire four tickets as well please.

Ok. That’s 6 more. Getting unwieldy now, hoping that they can accommodate us all.

Please provide cost as well as account details in order to confirm the booking?


Because of the lot of people who would like to go to the Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory, we hit the limit of the people who would like to go (28 definitely) and the amount of people in a single group that they can accommodate (max 35 people).
We have two options, everyone books on their own for the 4th of June, and we all just pitch up and hope we don’t hit the 50 person limit along with the other people.
The other option is we arrange a private visit, which involves a separate date and the payment of a deposit. It is logistically more of a mission, but might be worth it.
To make a decision, I set up a poll on Google Moderator here:
Please vote which option you think is best, and if you choose the second option, which date you would prefer. The 11th of June the moon will be full, so will limit the objects we can observe (the observatory provides telescopes that you can look through), the 18th is just after the public holiday so it might not be a option for people going away.

just for the sake of numbers, count me and my other half out, seems he finds our little meet and greets annoying.

I think He’s got rain pencilled in for the 18th.