Vodacom’s announced that they are going to increase the price on some contracts. But is the contract not for 2 years? Does it not work both ways? If you want to change the contract before the 2 years are up you have to pay a penalty (it’s called something, but that’s what it is), but they can? (wtf!!)

That’s how their crack legal team wrote it in the contract, and that’s what you signed.

Not necessarily. Some years ago, a court found that the “fine print” in a contract isn’t necessarily binding. It’s Vodacom’s job to explain their contract clearly before you sign it. The days are over when big companies can cleverly bury all manner of absurdities in pages of incomprehensible legalese and then enforce it whenever it suits them.

They also maybe only increase the price to the people who sign up new or renew.

Sorry I just saw the article

This is usually the part where the agent is monotonously droning through a rehearsed speech and I just go “uhu, yeah, uhu” to get it over with. A week later I have no frikkin idea what they said, and maybe that’s the point.

EDIT: For what it’s worth, the “increase” to my plan is a couple of bucks, nothing that’s going to get me upset, maybe the equivalent of a couple of lollypops every month. You can maybe take a stance on principle, but I’m sure their legal team have it sewn up tight.

Yea is a hard business to be in. Having to spend millions on infrastructure while the price is being forced down.

You get your wish: the NCC is investigating whether the price-hikes infringe on the CPA. The article however does paint a picture of operators being squeezed from every direction. Including ICASA.

EDIT: Of course it doesn’t help that the middle class are caught in a hot room with no water whilst having their balls in a vice and being attacked by rabid dogs.

EDIT2: Rabid, that was the word I was looking for…

Apparently there is a clause in the contract that they can increase the price as and when they feel fit to do so. We’ll see if it will stand up to scrutiny. If they are really squeezed they can always just reduce their sponsorships a little bit.