Vodacom's lack of customer service

My ex got my 13 year old son a family top-up cellphone contract a couple years ago in order for them to stay in touch. R135 per month and he built up a nice balance eventually to the region of R500. We ensured that we blocked any internet access and other adverse temptations.

However, about two weeks ago, the lad received an sms advertising games to be downloaded - FOR FREE!!! - and being 13 years old, the resistance was zero, he replied…

Well, today’s the 4th of the month, and he’s flat broke. Between his Dad and I, we’ve now attempted to block the number, unsubscribe the “service” (he’s received squat all games) - this “service” is eating a wholesome R28 a DAY off his airtime. Vodacom is wholly and completely uninterested in our troubles, I’m CERTAIN that they could block this debit on his account, but they rather suggested we cancel the contract (at a penalty fee of-course).

The ex just notified me that Hello Peter has been inundated with this scam, and yet Vodacom - our lovely service provider is apparantly an eager and willing conspirator to this.

Its so ANNOYING!!!

I have been clumps of hair of with MTN, though on a seperate complaint.

things to do:
search on the interent for any and all email adresses ending in @vodacom.co.za. and email bomb the fuckers.
send a mail to the consumer forum.
[email protected]

so far, i havent had joy yet, but at least i know that im not talking an fucking voice automated drone. or someone on the other end picking her delicate nostrils.