Weird Coincidences?

I have come across presentations of weird associations and coincidences. Here is one of them. Of course I personally don’t believe that such coincidences are preordained but that they are possible is a probability, but it does tickle one’s curiosity. NB the conversion protocol only works in Windows (Font: Wingdings) and not in Linux.
Open attached file.


Less of a coincidence than you might think:

and here:

Q33 NY ;D

See Attached Pic Associations and Connections - man-made interpretations/manipilations? See my subject sub-heading.

The coincidences are not those of the wingdings conversions but what I questioned are those manipulations of the figures. Are those also just make believe


Here is another coincidence riddle. How much is true? Most people lap this sort of (dis)information up us true?
See attachment.