Well hello there...

Hello! I am so glad to see that there actually is a free thinking group in South Africa … For a while there it felt as though I was drowning in fundamentalism.

So, I’m currently studying medicine at UP. The community where I live is very religious, but (thankfully!) my close family members all atheists, so my head didn’t explode with all the BS they fed us at school. I enjoy scientific literature, baking, karate and dancing. I am also fluent in sarcasm :wink:

I was pleasantly surprised to see that you guys actually meet up - can’t wait for the next one. (I would’ve gone tonight, but unfortunately Jozi is a little far away on such sort notice)

Anyway, I hope to learn a bit about the sceptic community here

Hello, and welcome! Is that a black kitten or a bat you’re holding? :smiley:


Welcome, and enjoy your stay.

aloha :wink:

Howdy! Welcome here!

Thought it was a ray-gun! Welcome elvare! :slight_smile:


I am also fluent in sarcasm ;)

I’m not sarcastic at all.