Westboro Baptist Church

I wasn’t sure whether to put this under one of the previous topics but then thought that these are guys so unbelievable they deserved their own spot!

Yesterday I watched Louis Theroux’s documentary “The Most Hated Family in America”. It was about Fred Phelps’ and his family of the Westboro Baptist Church and God Hates Fags fame. These people are off the charts!

Did any of you see it? Their arguments were full of logical fallacies, too numerous to mention. The circular reasoning of their arguments was enough to make you dizzy and if they didn’t have an answer the ad-hominem of “You’re too stupid to understand” go them out of answering the question!

I did not see it, sorry.

The Phelps’ are not exactly the most loving people. They are rightly critised for their stances, even from Christians. Last year they basically said good riddence to Heath Ledger, because he starred in movies like ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and that he deserved to be in hell.

Now that is neither loving or Christian to say so. I do not know where Heath Ledger is now - Heaven or Hell.

The point is that the Gospel should always be presented in a loving manner (2Tim.4:2) - now people may not alwasy like what is said (for example that homosexualism is an abomination to God - Rom.1:24-27; Lev.18:22 etc.)

These doomsday prophets are sick. They are just too happy to punt their product at the expense of other people’s misery.

I’ve been to their website a few times before Louis Theroux aired his documentary. Here is Fred Phelps in action.

The Phelps do not exactly fit the “born-again Christian, speak the truth firmly, but in love” category:

Great oscar? Shame on Christians? (Sean Penn): check this video in its Entirety: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGsK1i5sdqk

According to the Phelps, they are the only true Christians that follow the Bible.

I personally think that they are correct, and this is what happens if you follow the teachings of the Bible. Most Christians do the same thing. They just cherry-pick different parts of it, to promote their own personal view.

Religion is an ongoing argument that no one can really win, but after watching Louis Theroux’s documentary the Phelps are far from Christian. I’m not the most religious guy but i believe in God and try follow his word. Basically Fred Phelps has made his own assumptions about the word of God and people like that make me sick, i have tattoo’s so apparently I’m going to hell according to alot of “Christians” but just because i have tattoo’s doesnt make me a bad person yes i sin who doesnt but I am a good husband and i work hard. Fred Phelps started as an Anti homosexual group and has now turned into a church how does that work? Watching the interview with him Louis Theroux’s asked a question “how many kids do you have”, his answer was “dont ask me a stupid question like that”, whats stupid about that question, it seems that whenever asked about their religion they have some retaliation that this is the way of God. God loves everyone to my understanding and I’m pretty sure God would’nt want those freaks invading funerals of lost Marines and saying God hates Fags etc. My opinion God is probably pretty pissed that they are misrepresenting his holy name, anyone can read a verse from the bible and say ok thats what this means go do that now.In Primary school our Bible studies teacher told us if we tell one lie in our entire life we going to hell, who gives these people the right to say shit like that, if we all going to hell then why the f&*k did God create heaven, doubt he created it so that just the Phelps could go there, but like i said religion is an argument no one can win. Peace

I disagree. Religion has already lost. It’s just that very few people are prepared to recognise it. Why else do you think religions repeatedly feel the need to mount such vigorous attacks on assorted social institutions, including science? For reasons of desperation and self-preservation, that’s why. The ferocity of Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church is more the snarling of a cornered animal than a reasoned response.

Or hell for that matter? The whole idea of a “loving god” collapses under the weight of why s/he thinks it necessary to control our behaviour using terror and fear.


Sorry to say this, Maximus, but until someone comes forward with some real evidence to back up the claims made by religion, the religious have lost before they started, hands down.

It is also not an argument. The “argument” originates from people who try to use false logic and misinterpretation of scientific laws and facts in an attempt to mislead the uninformed.

Perhaps it just does not fall in line with the modern, “nice” version of Christianity. The religion has gone through many changes over the centuries, having found its roots in pagan belief systems. Some of the early rituals like eating flesh and drinking blood remains, but it is done symbolically through bread and wine (or like the very last communion I joined in on, crackers and fruit juice).

I do agree that the Phelps family are taking it a bit too far, but remember that scientists were tortured in the past if they dared disagree with the Church by promoting ridiculous modern concepts like the Earth revolves around the Sun.

Each generation interprets the Bible differently. Initially, it was intended to be read metaphorically, but when the Romans invented Jesus and wrote Him into the Gospels, they perverted the meaning of the Bible and started taking its teachings and claims literally.

Phelps did not want to answer that question, because he knew that Theroux asked it for a reason. One of his children have been disowned for leaving the church.

He claims to be “Christian” which, according to believers, is synonymous with all that is good and decent, but he torments the families of dead soldiers and acts like his child does not exist because she went out into the world to seek her own happiness.

What a disgusting man and a testimony for the potential madness religion can cause if you believe it and take its teachings literally.

Like every other religious madman on the planet, he can back up his insanity with passages from the Bible. His child can be glad that she was disowned and Phelps did not follow the Bible’s instructions!

Once again, as a skeptic, the concept of heaven has to be proven until anyone can claim that there is an argument about it. Don’t hold your breath though!

If heaven is a reality, I definitely don’t want to go to a place where I have to spend eternity with the likes of Fred Phelps, Adolf Hitler and Jeffrey Dahmer. (As stated before)

Hellbound Sentry

Present in a loving manner? What about the rest that is not so loving or is it a matter of interpretation? Seems to me that you will find a bible verse for whatever and thereby justify it. You only have to believe, find a verse that agree with you and of you go.

… and the WBC once again doles out its own unique variety of Christian love and humility.


According to the church Mandela's stay in hell will mean he will be in the company of Ghandi, John Lennon, Cory Montieth, Lou Reed, Mathew Shepherd, Steve Jobs, Whitney Houston, and just about any dead person who wasn't in the Westboro Baptist church.
I don't think it would be too bad to spend some time with the likes of John Lennon but Witney Houston? Now that could be hell.

Hatemonger-in-chief WBC Pastor Fred Phelps passed away on 19 March at the age of 84, leaving a legacy of psychologically damaged children and grandchildren. The church he founded has excommunicated him and won’t be holding a memorial service for him.

The WBC’s brand of love, tolerance and forgiveness continues.


Sooner or later, the fundies always turn on each other. Perhaps something to be grateful for. :slight_smile:

I wonder if they will have memorial services for him in Uganda…