What I like about being an atheist.

I like the fact that as an atheist:

  • I cannot sin as sin is a religious construct
  • I do not need to go to church/schul or kiss the ground
  • I can spend all ‘religious’ days doing whatever I want without feeling guilty
  • I can tweak the shit out of the belief systems of all religionists and woo woos
  • I do not live in fear of doG, Yaweh, Satan, Jesus, Al’Lah, Zeus but recognize the potential threat posed by their adherents.
  • I am generally able to think clearly without polluting my mind with mysticism and bullshit

I get to sleep late on Sundays ;D
I dont have to apologise for being me
I dont feel guilty stating an opinion (female thing)
I can go directly to sleep at night without feeling guilty for not saying a prayer
I can blaspheme as much as I like (and do)
I can act independently and dont have to ask permission from a male member of my family before doing something.
I can believe what I want because I want to.
I am able to bring my kids up my way instead of being dictated to (and they turned out to be pretty good kids)
I am comfortable in my own skin and dont worry about whether I’m transgressing some rule or another.

There’s so much actually, but they tend to be repetitive as it all boils down to the same thing:

I’m free to be me.

  1. No guilt whatsoever about various things, including sexual conduct.
  2. 7am on a sunday morning is clearly a myth perpetuated by the religious, I’ve see no proof of it.
  3. No praying before every meal, just dig in.
  4. I can take credit for my achievements, am responsible for my failures.
  5. Freedom to explore, or not explore as the case may be, any mind-altering substance I desire to.
  6. I can adjust my morality to suit different situations.
  7. I can see through other people with eyes unclouded by judgement and hate. (IMHO if more people could do this everything would be better)
  8. Did I mention Sunday? Need some extra time to work in the garage? No problem!
  9. Still get to have free holidays thanks to the religious.
  10. Have you SEEN the traffic-jam outside of Rhema on a sunday?
  11. No mandatory tithing, and when I make donations, I CONTROL what it’s for. (no paying for the pastor’s house, car, coke habit)
  12. Always goes for PROPER medical attention, gets better sooner.
  13. The divorce rate thing in the other thread.

Not having to continually remind myself what a worthless, useless, loser of a sinner I am, unworthy even to lick the boots of the lowliest.

  • No imaginary guilt or paranoia about being constantly monitored in thought and deed.
  • Not having to beg forgiveness for annoying an interminable succession of smug, delusional blowhards.


Can eat anything. Going to try red bait in December.


Touché - As an ex-seventh day adventist - no guilt for eating meat, especially pork and seafood! I can dance and not just sit around at parties and drink and smoke. Also there are no special days where you aren’t allowed to swim or watch tv

  • Genitals are intact (Although this is incidental I am still glad), and no need to mutilate children.
  • Can revel in discoveries of science without being scared about how I’m going to rationalise god now.

another one that came up in my mind is that I am not scared to die (only the manner is which I may die): religions scare the shit out of their followers and are death focused.

Yes. The big switch off is how I refer to it. I also dont have to worry about ending up having to learn how to sit on a cloud and play a harp and spend all of eternity with my “loved ones” whom I dont in particular care for. That in itself would constitute hell to me.

My only regret would be that all the interesting people and especially hot girls would be in “hell” ;D

No booze, no weed, no debauchery, no nicotine, no partying, and about a billion christians…

Heaven does sound like hell.

Yes. The big switch off is how I refer to it

I work with some sharp people, but once again religiosity seems to permeate. One guy, on some idle day, probably suddenly realizing the implications of my beliefs, which I’d made very clear, inquired:

“So, you don’t believe in heaven and god, etc… but surely you believe something happens after you die?”
“But, how would that work?”
“You know when you turn a PC off? What happens to it? Does it keep processing?”
“You mean, you really believe if you die, it’s like a PC, you’re just… gone?”

Not just him, but everyone within earshot was shocked at this statement. It is AMAZING to me that these people had never ever even contemplated the possibility that a dead brain means the end of life, period. Even the more secular-slanting ones still insisted there’s “something” after death.

You have these moments as an atheist that you get to fully appreciate how little other people understand about you.

Me, no musical talent at all. I’ll even battle with playing air harp.


And themselves. He-he. :slight_smile:


No reason to regret, you’d be there as well! >:D

see you there Faerie: we’ll have a couple of beers together!

I cant wait! We’d be in good company too, I can just imagine that party…

Hahah yes - sounds shite! That’s if most of them actually end up there given their behaviour !!!

Or even worse 70 virgins - no wonder there’s no female suicide bombers - imagine that as a reward… disappointment after disappointment

There’s a woman in work who prays for my soul cos she’s so concerned where it’s going to end up - she gets very uncomfortable when I say "It’s ok we’ll all be in the same place either way - the ground :smiley:

I got quite a few of those as well, I know my S/O and I are on my MIL’s prayer list every Wednesday evening during her “Ladies fellowship” meetings and I often get little notes on my desk stating that a prayer was said for me. Sweet actually, when I’m in the mood for sweetness, most of the times it just annoys me though.