What is homeopathic surgery?

I had a look at Dr.Nancy Maliks webpage and noted that

She has a Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) from Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital,

What is homeopathic surgery ???

Maybe it should say Surgery / Homeopathic Medicine…
Either way, no one with homeopathy in their list of qualifications is getting near me with a knife :wink:

First, I thought that, given homoeopathy’s two founding principles, namely (1) like cures like and (2) curative power increases with dilution, homoeopathic surgery of a malignant tumour would involve the introduction of a sub-microscopic morsel of an appropriately carcinogenic material into the patient’s body. But I was wrong. It’s quite a lot scarier.


I just want to add my 5 cents worth to the homeopathy debate.
I feel that anyone using homeopathic treatments on children and animals should be charged with abuse, because children and animals are vulnerable and cannot defend themselves; and now after reading the link that 'Luthon64 provided, I’m horrified at just how much “medicine” these quacks are allowed “practice”.
I had no idea that they were allowed to perform any type of surgery - it’s absolutely frightening :o.
Thanks for the link 'Luthon64



Homeopath is a physician without a knife

Infants: Homeopathic remedies and treatments are successfully used by parents for common infant ailments such as colic, teething pain and some infections.

Animals: There are many veterinarians using homeopathic medicines to treat domestic pets such as cats, dogs and birds, as well as barnyard animals like goats, horses and cows. Is it possible to have a placebo effect with animals?

The placebo is for the owner’s benefit. He/she is paying the bill. Like I said before - most illnesses go away by themselves. There were no vets 100,000 years ago. If every illness killed, there would be nothing here.

sorry for replying to oyur post quite late

Homoeopathy has a limited role when surgery is the only option left before a patient. What I believe is if a patient can be cured by a gentler system of medicine, why not? Why to subject him to conventional medicine which is harsh on human body? When something we can’t cure in Homoeopathy, we ourselves refer our patients to our colleagues who are CM practioners.

Even, homoeopathic medicines taken during surgical procedures, it can enhance the recovery (faster healing) of the patient.

What I believe is if a patient can be cured by a gentler system of medicine, why not?

Because if you go in and kick some serious butt with medicine, it surely limits the damage being done by the disease to the patient’s body? Letting a bacterium or virus run amok in the patient’s body for a longer time than absolutely necessary, surely allows more damage to take place, damage that must be repaired by the patient’s body?

“The more dilute the better” right? You wash your hands after going to the toilet thereby diluting the corruption. Those germs must be mean by now. But hang on, you also have to shake the solution for a number of times. Guess that’s what is keeping us alive, but be carefull, don’t try and shake your hands dry.

Homeopathy plays vital role in curing an infectious diseases. Homeopathic medicines can kill bacteria. Viral infections such as common cold, influenza, viral hepatitis (jaundice) etc. are very well treated with homeopathy.

What do you mean by “better”?

The available evidence strongly indicates that homoeopathy is a placebo, not a system of medicine, gentler or otherwise. Your own beliefs are not relevant to what actually is the case.

It’s only harsh where no real alternative is available. Homoeopathy is not a real alternative.

Too many case histories of serious disease indicate exactly the opposite.

Repeatable, objective, clear-cut evidence, please!

Repeatable, objective, clear-cut evidence, please!

Repeatable, objective, clear-cut evidence, please!

Repeatable, objective, clear-cut evidence, please!


Homeopathy is gentler system of medicine because unlike allopathy it is not harsh on human body. It respect’s body’s natural defense mechanisms

Yes, homeopathy is not an alternative sometimes. It is mainstream for some patients. Conventional, alternative or complementary is as per see.

A person who prefers, let’s say homeopathy, as a first line of treatment, conventional/allopathy is an alternative medicine for him.

Likewise a person who took allopathy as first line of treatment, other forms of treatment are comlementary/alternative.

Homeopathy during surgery


Homeopathic support during surgery - Therapeutic reference sheet



Homeopathy for bacterial infections: Curcuma Longa, Einbelia Ribes, Azardica Indica, Emblica Oficinale

Homeopathy for fungal infections: calc carb, Emblica officinale

Homeopathy for viral infections: euphrasia, azardica indica

Homeopathy for colds: [Homoeopathic Online Education, David Little] Cold and Acute Coryza

Homeopathy for influenza: http://www.anilsinghal.com/blog/2009/08/12/h1n1-flu-and-homeopathy-analysis/

Homeopathy for hepatitis: http://www.homoeopathyclinic.com/articles/HEPATITIS.pdf

You have merely provided a slew of bald, unproven assertions, no actual evidence.