What just went down?

You all know my general stance re religion and mysticism in general (I think): Now my younger kids (son 36; daughter 30) grew up as non-believers, largely under my influence although they had total freedom to choose (As my eldest did as a xtian). My son and daughter in law have been trying for over two years for her to fall pregnant and after a couple of miscarriages, the Gynae eventually ruled that her hormones will inhibit any natural conception. So four months ago the 2 went to a friends’ home to braai etc; the host is a total atheist while his wife is a total diehard xtian. There they met a pastor who enquired what she’s (my daughter in law) is pining for…she replied: “a child”…they then laid hands on her, prayed and spoke in tongues (FFS); everything became very emotional etc and the pastor’s parting message to her was “Don’t worry you’ll be pregnant within 3 months”…and she did and still is! Nothing to strange for me as I can explain that on positive vibes, hormone shifts (??) etc. Then Last Friday my son went alone (wife’s in Serbia) to the same home and met the same crowd. The host’s wife again laid hands on my atheist son and “saw stuff flow from his body”; she got very aggressive and shouted in tongues and he passed out, only to wake up the next morning after the host had put him to bed! Now the latter is strange as I know my son, he’s extremely fit (made the SA waterpolo side again this year for world champs) and not given to bullshit. How do I/you/we explain what happened to him??? Hysteria? Hipnosis; Auto Suggestion; ???


I think he passed out from boredom. Or he was to polite to tell the hostess to get lost, so he faked it in self defence. Was there alcohol involved? Does he have a history of fainting? Low blood pressure?

he had a few beers before but has no history of fainting or of low BP.

Going by memory for a moment I seem to remember that placebo’s can work even if you know they’re a placebo.

I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t put shenanigans past the ‘tongue-speaking’ pastor-crowd. Perhaps CyGhost is not so far from wrong.