what's potting with MS Outlook?? Help!

I’ve been having endless hassles with Outlook: I can send emails but not receive for days on end then suddenly whoooosh down comes a stack of mails. My one colleague tells me the same is happening with his Outlook. In addition when I open Facebook, it hides all the pics etc until I click on the small blue description in the upper left had corner. Can anyone clarify??

You and your colleague are on the same company network?

Edit: And what browser are you using?

Check if your bacground data has been deactivated. If it has, downloads will only take place if you open the app and/or are connected to WiFi, depending on the settings. This may or may not be the issue. It works in mysterious ways.

For Facebook, install the extension F.B. Purity Fluff Busting ( FB ) Purity - Home | Facebook You can customise it, but it gets rid of all sorts of nonsense from the start.

I use 2 different WiFi stations: one at work and one at home. So does my colleague. Both are dysfunctional it seems. emails are bouncing back from senders to me.

Are you using Outlook to access webmail accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL, etc.? Or are these e-mail accounts hosted by a private mail server such as companies, universities, etc. provide? Outlook tends to go a bit funny in the head when pointed at a webmail account, producing the sorts of symptoms you describe. If you are accessing webmail accounts, I recommend that you use the web interface via your browser instead because it tends to be snappier and more reliable.