When would you consider an abortion?

when would you go there?
is it easy enough to just abort a fetus for the sake of the time ‘not being right’, or the partner ‘not being right’.
what if the pregnancy will put strain on the relationship it won’t survive?

what if the money is there, the partner is right, but you simply don’t want kids?

i was engaged, got preggers, but there wasn’t money, and i simply didn’t see myself with kids. got it done at 5 weeks.

Any and all of the above. For me its up to the woman and her circumstances. I am pro-choice and the only time I was disgusted at someone for having an abortion, was a friend who planned the baby, went on fertility drugs, eventually got pregnant, a couple months down the line had an argument with the hubby and aborted the next day to spite him.

That was just to me the most immoral thing to do ever.

that’s murder in my eyes. i hope he dumped her ass. surely then she can kill an allready alive human just for the shit of it as well.
and, i am allmost sure that you need your husband’ consent to have an abortion? no?

Why should any man have the right to have that level of control?

Well I don’t have the equipment to HAVE an abortion, but if I were to be party to such a decision…

is it easy enough to just abort a fetus for the sake of the time 'not being right', or the partner 'not being right'.

Yes, but “time not being right” would have to be non-trivial.
“But I wanted to buy that new car/house first”, I’d have the kid.
“We’re struggling financially and both working crazy hours, with no immediate hope”, I wouldn’t.

what if the pregnancy will put strain on the relationship it won't survive?

50/50, if the relationship “won’t survive” in a way that the child could still have a meaningful life, two parents, etc… I would still consider having it. I mean at that point it doesn’t sound like much would be lost, ties in with my reply below…

you simply don't want kids?

If I were male or female, I would give the other partner the option. I don’t have to raise the kid myself. However if the onus were to be on me to raise it, but I don’t want it… I wouldn’t bring an unwanted child into the world. Plenty of those already.


Totally pro-choice on this and ultimately whatever the circumstances or reason behind the choice for having an abortion a reluctant, unhappy mother isn’t going to be good for the child. I was gutted today found out one of my Grade 11 kids is 5 months pregnant…


Nope, you can do as you please in legal terms before 27 weeks, however, its a pretty tough road culturally speaking which is why, still, we have so many dumped babies in this country. The contradiction in the cultures regarding abortion is gobsmacking. In some of the cultures abortion is sin, however, a live-born baby is not considered part of the community until its 3rd month, upon which it gets named (usually by the grandmother), which is why they carry to term and then simply dumps it, it is acceptable to state that the baby died before being “recognised”, with no questions asked from the community.

Also, a 12 year old may legally request an abortion without her parents’ knowledge, which makes zero sense at all since the legal age is 16, which makes it rape (loosely speaking) if she got herself pregnant at that age (keeping in mind that the father may or may not be older than that)and it should be investigated and dealt with in an appropriate manner.


Since the debate never really took off, what, in your opinion, is NOT a good reason for an abortion based on your personal moral code(such as my example above)?

any influence that contradicts your own. if you want the child, then nobody should be able to pressure you into having it aborted. (speaking from a woman’s perspective).
if you are morally loose, and get pregnant because you dont use contraception, and get abortions because you are careless, and dont want to deal with the results.
i think, that the future of the born child, should take precendence over everything. if you can bring that child into the world, and feel confident that you can offer it the most you are able to, and that it will have proper access to healthcare, education, support, love, and parenting, then you are welcome to keep said child. if you feel that this child will have a sub-standard life if you carry it to term, then abort.
then again, when is safe to abort? at what point does it become murdering a feeling, conscious, living entity? at how many weeks/days does this fetus experience awareness? when does it evolve from a bundle of cells, to a baby? at what stage of development would it want to preserve it’s own life?
i have heard that a fetus has a heart-beat at 6 weeks. does that constitute it being alive? or just cells functioning?
what weighs heavier?
killing off a tiny fetus, that may want to live? or letting a child into the world that will have a parent that resents it, and not be able to receive sufficient love and support to excell in the world?

beLIEf, you could have said one of my Grade 11 pupils rather than kids! Last night I was contemplating words of encouragement and support to send you, but when I read your post again today, I got the message.

I agree with the pro-life stance on all the above, provided that it is not left too late.

There are many postings on this topic on the internet. The following one comes from a Religious Tolerance site, yet sums up what I wanted to portray the best:

26 weeks or 6 months: The fetus 14" long and almost two pounds. The lungs' bronchioles develop. Interlinking of the brain's neurons begins. The higher functions of the fetal brain turn on for the first time. Some rudimentary brain waves indicating consciousness can be detected. The fetus will probably be able to feel pain for the first time. It has become conscious of its surroundings. The fetus has become a sentient human life for the first time.
This corresponds with the legal age limit of 27 weeks for abortion. Another consideration in setting an age limit is when the foetus becomes self-sustaining (able to survive outside the womb). This ability starts developing at about the same age.

It appears that the age limit of 27 weeks is appropriate.

i would reconsider when the fetus start looking like a baby on the scan. legs, arms, fingers…
so, the movement of the baby before 27weeks, is that just neurons firing off and preparing the body to work, as it were? has anybody conducted experimentation on an unborn fetus to see how it respnds to stimuli at age intervals? i have googled a bit, but mostly it’s long and involved (and biased) and i hate digging through crap.