Who saw Zille comments on Atheism?

Jacques did a excellent write up about it here.

I must say I was bit annoyed about her comments, I hope somebody get the chance to educate her
so she can get a better perspective on what atheist is.

The first one is a cringe-worthy statement for sure, just for being factually wrong.

But then…

Yeah, moderates, our own true friends…

Okay then, I’ll be taking applications for new political parties to vote for…

Ag I think she is maybe a bit ignorant on the subject, who knows maybe she learns something.

All the happier then that I didn’t vote for her in the last election. :slight_smile:

Uh-huh, ACDP then. >:D


The Reverend Kenneth for prez! We’ll ban abortion, and contraception, and movies, and books, and, er, we’ll think of something, and then the world will be a better place! Together, we’ll make the future more like the past. :slight_smile:

The question I have: if we were to design an “ideal” political party for this country what should it look like/stand for? let’s develop a ten point plan. But let’s also exclude the boring yahyah stuff life e.g equal rights for all.
The Ideal political party should stand for:
#1: the separation of religion and state (still too boring)
#2: small government and devolving power to cantons (see #3)
#3: government by the people via a Swiss-like canton system (can anyone on this forum tell me who the Swiss President is?)
#4: privatisation and unbundling of all state-entities (SAA, ESKOM TELKOM Etc)
#5: stimulation of internal beneficiation and product development of raw minerals and commodities and intensify capacity building, skills development and training in essential areas
#6: a tax regime that is stimulatory and casts a wider net (Higher VAT, lower Income tax and corporate tax; stimulate personal savings etc)
#7: …can’t think of some more…
Guess this party will never get any deposits back though!

And that’s the main problem with it. But if it gets even just one or two seats in parliament, it may make some difference.

I would have voted for these okes in the last election, but they couldn’t raise the scratch for their deposit.

Yup, that was my plan as well, and when it turned out they couldn’t participate, I decided to sit out this election, a decision I haven’t regretted. We really need a “none of the above” option on the ballot, but in its absence, not participating will hopefully send some sort of message.

Anyway, I have a feeling that in this country, one is mistaken to trust politicians to make things better. As an American pal of mine says, if elections really could change anything, they would have been illegal. :slight_smile:

LiPSA features some interesting candidates.

Some of these things don’t really go together all that well. IMHO your list is a bit contradictory. Not in the strictest sense, but in how I interpret the term “small government”.

Reg. the Libertarian party: The problem is, methinks, most of our people have no idea what that means. Besides, people are all indoctrinated in the God-myth mentality: “Daddy will always protect you, look over you and come up with rules you must follow. Questioning is bad.”

To people who want to be tyranically ruled over coddled like that, libertarianism must be frightening. Be responsible for my own life? Who does that?

The term “small government” is based on the canton system. Switzerland has 7 Central Govt depts. Most of the power is devolved to the local canton. The federal constitution in principle reserves the areas of foreign relations, the army, customs examinations and tariffs, value added taxes and the legislation on currency, measures and weights, railways and communications to the confederation. The rest is run by the 26 cantons within their own constituencies. All cantons have their own constitutions, their own governments (usually five members elected by the population) and most of them do have (unicameral) cantonal parliaments.The system is known a the most direct democracy in the world…and it has an unequaled record of stability. Alas…it demands a mature people to work.

I would not say it’s small then, just not centralized.

Compared to our’s small indeed. At last count I believe we have 40 govt departments, 9 provincial govts, a National Assembly of 400 seats and National Council of Provinces of a further 90 seats plus over 300 local authorities. Switzerland though has a pop of just over 8 million compared to our abt 53 million.