Why are my posts being censored (specifically, profanities are bowdlerised)?


Is this an automated feature? Is there some setting I can tweak? If so, surely it should be disabled by default, seeing as it’s a little bit contradictory and just a touch victorian, no?


There’s an item somewhere deep in your profile settings (you’ll have to hunt for it because I don’t recall exactly where it is) that allows you to disable the forum default of rendering profanities in a nice way. Note that the forum software doesn’t change what you write, it merely shows it in a polite form unless you disable the aforesaid behaviour.

EDIT: You’ll find it on the “Look and Layout Preferences” page (accessed from the “Modify Profile” box on the left of your profile main page). It’s a checkbox labelled “Leave words uncensored.”



Consider that motherfrecker disabled! :wink:

(PS I consider the alternative term ‘frass’ to be more suitable, although it is scatologically speaking, not the same thing :slight_smile: )