Wiki links game

Wikipedia is massively cross referenced. Most articles have links in blue, which, when clicked apon, opens yet another article. So you can hop from article to article using these links only.

The object of this game is to start here:

and end up on the Kevin Bacon (who else?) page with a minimum of links.

I haven’t succeeded in finding a route yet. Can you?


Easy, took me 16 minutes


Brilliant dude!
Took me almost the whole afternoon.

Otis Redding
Hollywood walk of fame
Apollo 11
Project Apollo
Apollo 13
Apollo 13 (film)
Kevin Bacon !


That is a lot shorter than mine at eight steps (mine was eleven steps or ten if you use the link directly to Leslie Nielsen from Priscilla Presley’s page) … but lets see if I can beat that. Honestly it took me 10 minutes this time … (that’s a BAD LINK, it should go directly to the film, NO FAIR!!!)

Phew, five steps.


Actually, Tom Cruise is mentioned by name (but not linked) on the Otis Redding page, so if a link was introduced there it could be down to three steps!!

But really, if you edit the page and add a popular culture reference to this game you can have a one click reference (which might not last longer than a few hours).


Oo oo, here’s another (quite a short one, but it took me a long time to go through the SNL seasons) …


I’m not even going to try and beat that one! :o