Will be watching this exchange with interest

Yesterday, received a bulk email with religious content (xtian), and as usual deleted it. This morning I arrive to find a mail back (replied to all original recipients):

Hi Everybody Greetings in the Holy name of Jesus Son of Mary. I beg to indulge your time to an interesting document as attached. It gives a new perspective of 'Isa (Jesus), Son of Mary as defined in the Quran. It is rather long and I urge you to print it and read it at home. It is non-offensive and can be shared with Muslims Trusting that it will be of benefit to you as you "Share the Gospel of Jesus" with others. In His Service Pastor xxxxxxxxxxxxx House of 'Isa Ministries

the attachment is long and winding and I’m not going to bother to add it here, its the usual ramblings.
However, herewith a short quote to give an idea:

I am grateful to King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, Islamic Foundation, and others who are translating the Arabic Koran into all languages of the world. I feel blessed as I read the Koran in my mother tongue. Since less than 20% of Muslims around the world speak Arabic as their mother tongue, my heart is sadden-ed as I realize that most Muslims rely on someone else to explain the Koran to them. In other words, they hear the messages in the Koran through the eyes of another. Today, this is not necessary.

Allah wants YOU to understand His messages. How can we obey Him if we do not clearly understand what Allah says? Muslims living before the prophet Muhammad understood what Allah said because Allah spoke to them in their language.

As I was reading the Koran in my mother tongue, I came upon a passage that flooded my heart with hope. You too can experience this same hope after you seize the truth of Surah Al-Imran 3:42-55. It hurts my heart to know that not everyone has eyes to see this truth. I pray that Allah will open your eyes to recognize truth.

What Im curious to see is what the reactions from the xtian people on the recipient list will be.

Will keep you updated with anything interesting.

Not a bad idea - perhaps to my next bulk Jesus mail, I’ll attached La Veys’s Satanic Bible to everyone for their comfort and reading pleasure… I suspect that may be a quick and final way to get off such lists.

Anyone have the pdf laying around?

Heh, I’m enjoying this, just received a mail titled “The four principles of spirituality” - an offshoot of Buddism if I read it correctly, sent to the same group of recipients. Becoming a fascinating email war in the making by the look of it.

I’m going to wait for this to explode into something very sparkly and noisy and then pull the plug on religious mail content in this company in its entirety. Method in madness! ;D