World's "smartest" man working on theory of god.

“Smartest” quoted because of inevitable squabble over the definition of IQ that is bound to follow.

Link contains mostly videos, the “interesting ideas” are in the “Part 3” video if you want to skip the introductory stuff.

He has some scary ideas, I know…

Why on earth would you want to occupy such a magnificent intellect with yet another god theory? Surely there must be any number of much more worthwhile activities. Aren’t there some proofs in arithmetic still outstanding? Certainly a preventative treatment for cancer would be nice? Or perhaps a short treatise on how the female mind works … even if only on Tuesdays? :confused:

But to each his own, I suppose.


Because it’s widely held to be, head and shoulders, perhaps the single most important existential question. Plus, it gives the religious some comfort to be able to say, “Look, the world’s smartest man believes. D’you really think you’re smarter?” (Of course, the palpable conflation of various flavours of “god” will remain conveniently obscured.)



Because it would be a futile exercise, as you well know… >:D

I’m in many ways a behaviourist. When I read about a super intelligent person such as Chris I want to know so what has s/he done with the talents they have or as woo woos would say were ‘given’. I have seen many highly ‘gifted’ people do zilch…and conversely many ‘ordinary’ people do extraordinary things, like the Nobel-prize winner from Kenya who planted millions of trees (I forget her name). IMHO that’s what counts.