You could be putting your child off reading

You could be putting your child off reading – here’s how to change that

Short version: Let your kid choose what he wants top read. And "make it fun."

I tend to agree on the first idea, but I have misgivings about this notion that education should be fun. It’s not wrong if it happens to be fun. But there are many activities in life which are necessary, or meaningful, or both, that are not necessarily really fun as such, and shouldn’t be advertised as such either.

What say you?

I think at the younger ages kids simply won’t do it if it isn’t fun. Depends on the age. There does come a time that they have to “grow up” a bit but you can’t expect that from toddlers.

It is indeed probably age related. Most people don’t try to get their toddlers to read anyway. My own experience as teacher taught me this: very few kids can really read. Simply being able to make the right sounds in the right places is not the same thing as being able to read. Learning to actually read takes some talent, and like most other skills, a huge amount of practice, which most kids don’t want to put in because they like reading about as much as most kids like to be forced to take piano lessons. Except, unlike piano lessons, literacy is kind of essential, and thus it has to be rammed down their throats, one way or another.

I’m kind of glad I am mostly out of the teaching business. :slight_smile: