Young Earth

Had my first encounter with a real young Earther. I did a show at a Christian school. It’s a small private school that is on a church property and the buildings also belong to the church. The pastor decided to attend. This year I do the scale of the universe and when I got to the size of the Earth I explained that Eratosthenes worked that out about two thousand years ago. I mentioned that two thousand sounds like a long time ago but that there were people here on Earth for much, much longer than that. At this point I was stopped by said Pastor. He said he will no allow “silly talk” like this on his property and that I must pack up and go! The teacher that organized the show tried to apologise to me, but I told him to apologise to the kids. The Pastor overheard me, and that really got him going. I do tone the show down at Christian and CVO schools, but I suppose you can never please everybody. >:(

Bad form for the pastor…but then what can you expect! Maybe the kids learned something out of it.

So, 6000 isn’t much longer than 2000?

That’s what I thought. This was about 5 min into the show, my guess is that he was just looking for anything to stop the show.

Perhaps his actual problem was that you claimed the earth was round? ???