...and so homeopathy is a cure-all

The Homeopathy Plus website links to an article that claims homeopathy is “a safe and effective way to treat the victims as well as the culprits of domestic violence” and contains a list of remedies for both victims and perpetrators.

Asked whether she really believed homeopathy could treat domestic violence, Ms Sheffield told news.com.au that “uncontrollable rage and anger” were symptoms of an imbalance that homeopathy could fix.

“Few people realise that homeopathy can rebalance that mental/emotional area dealing with jealousy, frustration, anger, an inability to balance their emotions,” she said.

“We can treat anxiety homeopathically. The same can be true for many emotions.”

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health-fitness/claims-that-homeopathy-treats-domestic-violence-must-be-stopped-experts-say/story-fneuzlbd-1226491738872#ixzz29Sl1OorV

Just as one thinks the bullshit cannot get any thicker…

Immoral as it may seem, I do wish some of these idiots would become victims of domestic violence themselves and see how they “cure” it with 10 pellet sized tablets three times a day and five drops of muthi under the tongue before breakfast. All statements like these do is giving those victims “hope” that their partners can be cured as if it is an illness that can be treated with antibiotics.

gods… I weep.

Then how come every time I encounter homeopathy my psychological balance goes straight out the window?

Homeopathy is based on the fact that the person’s experience in emotional and mental (state of mind) life can not be separated from their physical complaints (body). Illness and physical problems can result in anxiety or emotional uneasiness. The opposite is also true. Most (not all) illnesses have their roots on mental plane. Very often mental troubles come first followed by physical complaints. Desire, anger, greed, pride, jealousy, suspicion, etc go on harassing and making our body also weaker and unable to resist diseases

Cooooool… Flame war!

Go Mefiante!

Actually, don’t waste your time. Rubber troll.

It’s really funny then that whenever you ask a homoeopath (or one of their acolytes) to prove that there’s more than placebo to homoeopathy, they can only cite studies done by their kith and kin. Studies done by independent authorities find a curious effect: the more tightly controlled a trial is, the less statistical significance is found for homoeopathy above placebo.

All of which is hardly as funny as the hilariously ham-fisted “explanations” homoeopaths (and their acolytes) fabricate for the physics/chemistry that supposedly makes homoeopathy work — which “explanations” haven’t changed substantially in almost two centuries. Saying it’s so doesn’t make it so. Sooner or later the lack of plausible evidence and mechanism will make people wonder.

No, the only reason homoeopathy “works” is because there are so many gullible suckers out there. And so many unsinkable pushers of this unscientific nonsense, as Lurkie hints. :wink:


Oooooohhhhh! Avogadro equals Mefiante to the power 23. Don’t worry, Nancy. Just divide and dilute. Much more powerful. ;/)

Oh dear. I might be feeding a troll…

This is absolutely true, and I can vouch for it. I was once so distraught by having too much on my mind, that I kept botching the simplest of tasks. Even parking a car became a challenge. One unfortunate day I reversed into a boundary wall, loosening a sizeable chunk of masonary. While still inspecting the damage, a plaster caked brick unexpectedly pulled itself out and landed on my Crocks-cladded foot. I limped around in pain for almost a week: a living example of mental fatigue culmanating in physical pain. Don’t let them tell you otherwise.


Put the Croc in water. A very minute amount of it will dissolve in the water. So little that you need not dilute the solution any more to have a ready-made cure for foot pain.

Put the Croc in water. A very minute amount of it will dissolve in the water. So little that you need not dilute the solution any more to have a ready-made cure for foot pain.

Apply a few succussing slaps to the Croc, and you’ll have a potent solution fit to rival belladonna.

So long as you don’t end up with a crock o’ shyte. :stuck_out_tongue:

Long time sine we heard from “Dr.” Nancy Malik. Maybe he/she figured that by posting less (diluting one’s utterances) it would become more true.

Nah it still sounds like undiluted bullshit to me.

I was at Dischem this w/e and I’m still staggered by the sheer amount of BS on the shelves. As a male I don’t end up browsing the skincare isles all that much, but Majin asked me for a kind of skin oil she’s used in the past for blemishes. I was stunned… I had to search high-and-low to find a couple of bottles that seemed to have any kind of real benefit at all. The recipe seems to be:

  1. Take weird herb X.
  2. Grind it into some moisturiser.
  3. Market it with “Increases wellness”.
  4. Optionally slap on a “Homeopathic” label somewhere.
  5. PROFIT!

Isle after isle of BS medicine, almost everything I found was marked as herbal, homeopathic, or both. With no way to discern the real from the fake. I came to a complete halt when I noticed the “Tea tree” section. Now Tea Tree is a potent anti-bacterial but the sheer crazyness of the products got me: Tea Tree chewing sticks, skin cream, tea, and … TOOTHPASTE?! What kind of super-bacteria are we trying to create here?

Disinfectants have their place but I wouldn’t DRINK the stuff! I certainly wouldn’t brush my teeth with Dettol and much less would I brush it with Tea Tree. That stuff is VILE anyway! EWW!

What does she use and does it work???

I have no idea, I’ll ask her. I ended up grabbing a bottle of “Tissue Oil” spray without paying much attention to what was in it, for fear that I was probably going to leave empty handed if I did. She said it’s the right stuff. That’s all I know. shrug

I never thought I’d see the day when a homeopathic association admits that their magic water doesn’t work.

“The British Homeopathic Association and Faculty of Homeopathy said they would do so. “There is no evidence to suggest homeopathic vaccinations can protect against contagious diseases. We recommend people seek out the conventional treatments,” a spokesman said.”

Hi all,

I am new to this forum, so please excuse any errors. I am a homeopath so i just wanted to ‘state my case’.

I cant disagree with you on the lack of scientific evidence of homeopathic medicines, but to slate homeopaths into one bundle as being ‘fraudsters’ is just cruel. Often homeopathy gets good results (in my opinion) because of the way they are more patient focused, they listen for over an hour to peoples problems, and then manage their patients in terms of diet, nutrition, and natural meds. The patient has the right to not choose to go to a homeopath , but often do as ‘the last resort’ when conventional medicine has failed them. Homeopaths do not make close to enough money to survive and often they are extremely caring people who want the best for their patients.

In south Africa we study for 7 years and have to do a masters dissertation , it is the only country where homeopaths are trained in diagnostics, pathology (By Medical Doctors as lecturers) and do a premed, including 2 years of human dissection. It is thanks to some weirdos who use machines and pendulums that have given homeopaths a bad name, and regulations needs to be strict.

Homeopathy has a long way to go in proving itself scientifically, and i think it shouldn’t make ridiculous claims until it can rightfully prove so, since, if science cant prove it, it doesn’t work right?. The way in which homeopaths and naturopaths view diseases is important, they look at the entire picture not just a symptom, which is, for me, the healing factor itself, medical doctors can learn a thing a two from this.

I am currently looking at a post grad of epidemiology and research, as i feel, i myself ,would like to be effective with a researching career.

P.S. lets not forget the title ‘Doctor’ means ‘To teach’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_(title) , therefore doctors should be teaching and educating their patients on medications, health and disease not just handing out prescriptions. So whether it be a homeopathic ‘doctor’ or a medical doctor, if they take the title it is their duty to effectively inform patients which unfortunately doctors just don’t do enough because they think we are stupid.

As the saying goes, the greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge. And much of what you learn in your studies is an elaborate illusion of knowledge, pretty much like what astrologers, shamans, chiropractors, postmodernist philosophers etc. learn in their own extended studies. The studies may well be very detailed, very elaborate and very demanding, but that in itself does not make them valuable or useful.

As for conventional medicine “merely treating the symptoms as opposed to the whole patient,” you’ll have to give us some examples of what you mean, and how homeopathy would do it differently.

For what it’s worth, I am pretty skeptical about much of mainstream medical research - a lot of it has descended into the same postmodernist horse manure as “alternative” treatment.