Centaurus A Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Trifid nebula

Lets see if this work.

Lagoon nebula Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Southern pinwheel galaxy Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Something wrong with the Trifid nebula link. The others work. Nice photos!

Let me quickly try an experiment:

There ya go! One has to add a “.jpg” behind the link, and then put the whole thing inside img tags. As you can see, it creates a new problem: your originals are HUGE, which makes for awkward viewing.

Or, you can add a “width=X” (or “height=X” attribute, or both) to the “img” BB code tag (“X” is the width/height in pixels) so that the image(s) fit(s) nicely on the page. The applicable BB code is:



The above code renders like this:

@Tweefo: Nice pictures, indeed! You might want to copy the above example code into a text file on your desktop for easy future reference/reverence.


Yay! Great photos tweefo.

Super pics Tweefo! 8), especially your capture of Centaurus A. The dust lane looks to my eyes quite a bit like a femur, complete with ball joint. Incidentally, I offer five virtual jellybeans to the reader who can spot why the name “femur galaxy” may well be more apt than the current “hamburger galaxy”.

Sorry to hijack. But here’s footage of a 40-hour long plasma tornado on the surface of the sun:
No, call me stupid but I don’t get it. The trifid last night if you can figure it out.

@Tweefo: Note the “img” instead of “url”, and “.jpg” added to the link.

Thanks, maybe I’ll get it one day…

My first try at the Eagle Nebula. It was very cold out there and I just tried it to see what would come out, so this is a stack of only 7 photos. (normally it’s 50 to 200 that one stack.) I also have a problem with a cable so the guiding did not work well.

Seems that the process to post a picture here, through imgur, introduce a bit more noise. Same with the Facebook-posts pics they are not the same as the originals. I must also say again that these last two pics were not the best ever.

It’s probable that Imgur resamples all uploaded images to lower-quality JPEGs so as to reduce storage space requirements. The JPEG format is lossy by default, but lossless JPEGs are possible. One way to test this would be to compare the file size of the original with that of the version hosted by Imgur. Assuming you’re using MS Internet Explorer, you can download a copy of the Imgur image by right-clicking on it and selecting “Save picture as…” from the popup menu.


Last night.

Great stuff! Now is the perfect time of year for sky viewing - pity you can’t do it without freezing solid though. :slight_smile:

Long Johns, tracksuit pants and a pair of jeans. Long sleeve vest, T-shirt, 3 jackets. Wool lined hat with ear flaps and one of the jackets got a hoody that goes over the hat. Gloves and 2 pairs of socks in hiking boots. You sit out there for 4 to 5 hours, so it still gets cold.

But it is warming up a bit lately. At least around these joburg parts.

Tweefo is astronomy geek Jesus: He froze for our grins.

We haven’t had much in the wy of winter yet, though I’m told there’s a cold front on its way. After the summer we had, I was hoping for positively arctic weather, but alas, global warming seems to have kicked in now.

Tweefo is astronomy geek Jesus: He froze for our grins.

He looks slightly older than his early thirties; I must assume he has managed to avoid the wrath of established interests thus far.

Sitting through the cold the last few nights. M16, M17 and the Cat’s Paw nebulas. The last one did not come out well and need more data I think. Actually, all of them will do well with more. I will work on that tonight if the wind is not too strong.