Atheist census

Atheist Alliance International is running a global census of atheists - trying to establish where and who were are. There are 6 questions, and it will take you a minute or two to participate. If you want to be counted, go to

Check out Brazil hey! Must be that big statue. :wink:


I would hazard that the age statistic (and to an extent the educational level statistic also) is much more a reflection of technological familiarity (computers & Internet) than of the true statistical distributions of areligiosity vs. age/educational level.

What’s clear is that we need more ladies to respond, although it would be revealing, I think, to see the gender distribution of respondents by country.


“Atheist Census experiences a high volume of entries and to make sure that everyone has the chance to submit and confirm their details we had to temporarily disable the submission form.
Thank you for understanding and please come back in a few minutes!”

Well, what else did you expect? Maybe we hit a nerve. After all, thwarting an atheist initiative would be the very easiest of things for an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent god… ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: ;D


Yup. I just tried again and got this:

“Atheist Census is offline for maintenance and will be available soon”

Clearly, someone or something does not want me to get out of Dawkins’ closet. :slight_smile:

Or it’s just tech savvy fundies:

Atheist Census is offline as the result of a denial of service (DoS) attack.

We don’t know who is behind the attack but it seems to be a reasonable conclusion that they do not like atheists being counted.

I’m quite happy to be counted and will try again, but what would this survey measure? There is such a multitude of factors that can influence the number of respondents (awareness, Internet penetration, apathy, confidentiality, fear of reprisal, duplication, server failures) that gross numbers are going to be meaningless. It may at best indicate what a certain category of atheists prefer to call themselves.

At the very least, it would quantify in broad strokes some of the preferences and demographics (or their proxies) of computer-literate atheists. The initiative is quite possibly intended as a pilot study, the results of which may find use in refining further research directions and methodologies.

The census site is still beset by a DoS attack. Funny how god always needs his minions to do his bidding, never getting his own hands dirty. Surely there can be no shortage of highly effective divine and/or supernatural means at his disposal for knocking out a few servers, can there?


Atheist Census is offline as the result of a denial of service (DoS) attack.

Support for the project has been fantastic - Atheist Census was live for around 17 hours and we have 8,880 confirmed entries and another c. 2,300 pending.

We are working hard to get Atheist Census back online as soon as possible.

The site’s up again.


Counted. ;D

me too ;D

You betcha.

I am only number 33 thousand and something. You would think there are more of us or am I just one of the early ones to register?

Nope … 33k worldwide sounds about right :wink:

I think there are way more than 33 000 worldwide. But people don’t know about this census. One has to spread it around a bit.

Over 53,000 now. The most glaring statistic: only 25% of them are female.

Its a lonely fight for the famale atheist. Its frustrating for me as the irony of religion & women is that it is the women that are forever being suppressed and abused yet they are the most ardent supporters of the system. I have one atheist girl friend, and it gets lonely sometimes… It is also the women that really “rear” the kids, and they are sitting every night at the children’s bedside teaching them to recite “Gentle Jesus”. Enlightenment is a long way off. :-[

My daughter Jackie, an agnostic who lost her son when he jumped off my Landie 7 years ago has taught her daughter Skylar to be free thinking and not to believe the BS. However, when Skylar went to a Ron Hubbard Scientology school (much to my disgust) it was very difficult for her but she stuck to her guns and having lost her little brother (she was on the Landie when it happened) she was actually accused of having pushed him (she was on the opposite side of the vehicle) she went through some very difficult times. She goes to High School next year and has turned into a lovely open minded person who is not intimidated by BS.