Dude/Suidlander/KVZ split from Uhuru

Looks like The Dude is no more. He deleted his account. Pity, I would have been interested in hearing about his first Suidlanders meeting…


Things aren’t always as thy seem, The Dude will be back…


Have you ever thougt that people might be afraid of giving to much?

hehe, welcome back :slight_smile:

no where to run lol

Yes, so look at the Scorpions, why are they being closed down? Are they a threat to our corrupt government? Why would any one give out there sources or sensitive info if they have to pay for it some how? last thought of the day…


The one and only,

Would it be correct to say then that erstwhile (and once-again) member The Dude had a brief identity crisis and assumed the mantle of member KVZ, whose account now seems to be defunct? ;D

Does the Scorpions’ disbandment signal the government’s collusion in this Uhuru plan? If yes, how so? Isn’t it more likely that certain key players have cottoned on to the fact that perhaps the Scorpions have been doing too good a job?

Vaguely related and equally intriguing is that the current latest forum member has registered using the moniker “Suidlander.” Perhaps s/he can tell us more about this organisation’s take on the whole Uhuru affair, in particular the main reason(s) why it is held to be an imminent certainty.


'Luthon64 since you are such a expert of current events please tell me what the future holds for South Africa over the next 7 years?. Please tell my why SA differs from Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa. The crime situation. Illegal immigrants. Infrastructure. Skill development. Corrupt politicions.Land reform. Education. Public transport etc. I would like to see your predictions, because up until now you have only criticised my predictions. Please read my previous replies as well.

Centre (of attention)

Please point out where I have made such a claim.

Sorry, I’m not a soothsayer, astrologer or any kind of diviner. But you appear to be one because you seem certain, almost too avidly so, that this “Uhuru” thing is going to happen, and soon, even if it’s not “a planned action nor a slaughter.” So what is it then?

I can’t tell you why, but here’s how: It’s a question of many things, among them geography, culture, size, population, history, economy, and so on. I’m sure you can come up with a lot of other differences between the two countries all on your own with a little thought. But what’s your point? Was there an Uhuru thing in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe whose occurrence is lost to the annals of African history?

But I never claimed to make any predictions. Moreover, even if I did make any, on what possible basis will we decide who’s (more) accurate? Other, that is, than waiting for the predictions to eventuate, and who knows how long that’ll be, given the usual vagueness of such. Which reminds me: When, exactly, is this Uhuru thing supposed to happen? An error of plus or minus six months should be achievable and is, in my view, quite a lenient expectation. Furthermore, what has been criticised is the habit of taking vaguely related material and with considerable artistic licence weaving it into a narrative of certain doom, written no doubt in big letters on a wall somewhere, or so it is thought. Coincidences and a vivid imagination are no substitutes for verifiable evidence, a point many contributors to this thread simply skip over. Instead, they berate, “Look at all the rot and corruption and incompetence and nepotism and crime and violence and on and on and on,” as if that proves anything besides that there’s rot and corruption and incompetence and nepotism and crime and violence and on and on and on.

“Replies?” There’s only one other one of yours in this thread that I can find. I have read it. It’s a litany of the woes besetting this country. Nobody disputes them. What is being questioned is whether, and if so, how, they warrant the belief that our lives are in danger.


Good morning all :stuck_out_tongue:

Luthon, I kind of agree with Centre… My opinion, you are just like our president, you don’t have a spine it seems, you don’t have much of a view either it’s like you just sit there and criticize with out making any valid and realistic statements…

If you can’t see what is in front of you, you know ignorance is bliss… you can wait until the sh!t hits the fan and try to get out of it and hopefully you do, but am sure you’ll feel like a dick. If nothing happens I might feel like one too but at least me and my family will be OK.

I might have offended you, but I’d rather say it they way i see it then beat around the bush…
At least we know where we stand, you have time to have your say and then would prefer not waste my breath further, if that’s OK with you… You live in your Little world and I’ll live in my’n.


The meeting, all went we’ll last night, haven’t told me anything I did not know already except that I know am taken care of and that is all that matters in the end? Like I said I’m not going to try and convince any one that doesn’t want toe be and you have heard it a lot from other people as well, but if people wants help I would gladly assist. I can only be responsible for my self and my family and it’s up to you to take care of yours.

I would like to share a very graphic site that I discover 3 weeks ago, don’t ask me how (in my defence try www.poes.com I think it means search in Amsterdam) and don’t take this as we need to start a rebelion or civil war, see the vid on 15th March… http://www.poes.co.za/news.php

There is also a nice article about Thabo for Lex Luthon (what kind of name is that anyway) hehehe…

PS. Oh and about “Suidlander” he is most likely bored with you any way and probably sees no point talking to some one that talks a lot but doesn’t really say anything?

Chat soon…

The Dude

Luthon, I kind of agree with Centre… My opinion, you are just like our president, you don’t have a spine it seems, you don’t have much of a view either it’s like you just sit there and criticize with out making any valid and realistic statements…

The Dude, I’m not sure we’ve been reading the same thread, all ‘Luthon64 is asking you, and others, to do is to present verifiable evidence of your claims. I agree 100% with ‘Luthon64 and have found the comments made to be informed and realistic – if you read any of ‘Luthon64’s comments (not just on this thread) I’m sure you’ll agree with me that ‘Luthon64 is a well read, well informed and a highly educated person. I’m not defending ‘Luthon64, I’m sure you’ll be getting a suitably erudite response from ‘Luthon64 shortly.

Now, to add my 5 cents worth to this nonsense. Since you don’t like beating about the bush, I will be frank. From my experience with people who believe in this nonsense I’ve come to the conclusion that they are racists who are not happy with being governed by black people. They also hope that whites will once again be in power and that things will go back to the way it was during apartheid. Well until you accept that things have changed and that we will never go back to that evil period in our history, then I’m afraid that people like you will continue to fall victim to idiots like Gustav Muller and the suidlanders.
The warnings about the “imminent” slaughter of whites has been doing the rounds for years now, just exactly when will uhuru happen?
I was told by someone (who believes in this rubbish) that the suidlanders are going to move to the Karoo – after you’ve all met at the Spar – where they will settle and form a sort of “homeland” of their own. Well I see a few flaws in this plan, the Karoo is a very dry place – where will you get water from, how will you grow crops, where will you get fuel from when your stores run out, are you going to live in tents until houses are built, where will you get the building supplies from, why settle in an area that is landlocked and vulnerable to attack??? Did the suidlanders actually sit down and think this through?
If you all put half of the effort that you put into preparing for this nonsense into fighting the crime and corruption in this country, it would be a better place for all of us. All you’re doing is running scared instead of taking the time to sit and actually think rationally about it.
The problems you site about the current government applies just as much to the previous one where there was just as much corruption, nepotism, etc, etc. Instead of whining about the problems, get off your backside and try and make a difference. Do you belong to a community policing forum? Do you try and help people who are unemployed or worse off than you? Or are you one of those people who think that buying pirate cds and dvds is ok, that buying things that have “fallen off the back of a truck” is fine because you’re getting it at a good price. Unless we all make an effort to contribute to this country in some way, this stupid idea of uhuru will continue to be perpetuated.

It is fairly typical of those who have no cogent argument to attempt substituting such with disputatious ad feminem contumely. Notwithstanding the oxymoronic nature of several of the traits you charge me with when these are taken in combination, does your view of me – i.e. as being like Thabo Mbeki, spineless, wishy-washy, critical, unconvincing, unrealistic, myopic, ignorant, a waste of your time, deluded, parochial, unconcerned, idiomatically void, and tedious – does this view of yours in any way invalidate my scepticism? More importantly, how exactly does it lend support to your position?

Because so far all I’ve read is hot air and emotive rhetoric about how perilous life in SA is and how the black masses will rise up and decimate the white minority. Has it occurred to you that with attitudes such as yours abounding and the conduct it foments, that it could be a self-fulfilling prophecy? What evidence would convince you that this Uhuru thing will not, in fact, happen?

Thanks for the vote of confidence, mdg – they’re always appreciated, as well as your reasoned response. I harbour a more-than-fleeting suspicion that at heart, the basic difficulty we are facing here is a disagreement over what the word “evidence” actually means.

Well said mdg…

I think you hit the nail right on the head. They’re the kind who would insist in speaking afrikaans at the police station or at home affairs and then complain when the person does not understand him completely. It’s usually the older folk, and what they don’t get is that we are not in contact with the blacks that they hate. We are directly involved with their children, our colleagues and friends in some cases. The older people don’t have that much time left on this earth. Why continue to contribute to the racist ways of the past and make it even harder for the white minority? Do you really think a young black student will set his studies aside to partake in this barbaric and primitive slaughter. Or the Ceo’s and head honchos of BEE companies. Will they take a few days leave to be involved in this ‘Uhuru’? And this waiting for our inevitable fate is just adding to the hate. What do you do in the meantime. Do you continue to swear at the black guys in the street for being black? Do you hate them more now that you think they will be killing you soon? I must say, for a suppressed minority I still get treated pretty well in this country.

I get seriously pissed off when I see a 60 or 70 old person making racist remarks in the supermarket or any other public place with regards to service delivery. Yes, service delivery is a fuckup in most government departments, but you’ll be surprised at the lack of service delivery in the private sector as well. It’s not because it’s a black teller and a white customer. Any person (black or white)earning peanuts for a boring and tedious job will give you shit service, because the only language most people understand is money!

I’m curious. When the shit hits the fan and people start flogging to this famous spar, what happens to the normal customers busy with their groceries. Do they automatically become part of the resistance?

Hi Slowcheeta,

you have a valid point, regarding CEO’s and students, but majority are not, they live on the streets and in shacks and if the country is in darkness there will be opportunities…

Poor service delivery and racist remarks, well who wants to see that. I agree that everyone has a right to live and can live in harmony with almost any one.

The race thing is getting old and would mind if we could live together in harmony and without crime, but it’s almost easier believing in aliens at this stage?

To read:


Unfortunately, Slowcheetah, it’s not just the older folk who are like this, they teach their children to behave like they do – the actions of the teenage gunman going on a rampage through the Skielik informal settlement is an example, I don’t believe for one minute that his actions had nothing to do with his upbringing.

The Dude and the rest of his ilk should try this exercise:-

Imagine (if it’s at all possible for you) that you are living in a country where you have no rights, none whatsoever.
The only work you can get is menial, unskilled labour – with no prospects of ever being given further tuition or being qualified in the work you are doing – you are basically a slave.
You have no prospects at all for advancement in your job.
If you do get work, you cannot take your family with you. They have to stay behind, with perhaps the slim possibility of seeing you for 15 days out of 365.
You are paid a salary that falls below the cost of living. You don’t get medical aid, you may get a small pension (if you’re lucky).
If you cannot stay on your employers’ property, you are forced to live in an area with no electricity, no running water, no nearby amenities, and with no municipal services.
Your employers talk to you as if you are stupid and insult you if you cannot do the job right – bear in mind that you have received minimum training.
There is no where you can go to relax or spend some leisure time; you’re not welcome in any public places based on the colour of your skin.
You cannot send your children to school to be educated in the hope of bettering their futures.
You are not allowed to speak your mind or offer an opinion.

That’s just some of the things that blacks had to deal with under the former government.
Uhuru would have or could have happened long before now; if I had lived under those conditions, I would have resorted to violence long ago. ‘Luthon64 is right; perpetuating this nonsense will become a self fulfilling prophecy.

So, suidlanders, instead of running away and resorting to a laager mentality why don’t you get together and do something constructive like supporting your local police stations, volunteering to teach literacy skills to adults, educating youngsters about not resorting to crime, help build houses for the homeless, if you have gardeners and domestics working for you – pay to educate their children. There are many positive ways to contribute; but I guess its just so much easier give up, to hate, to blame others for the problems, and to wait for others to make the effort to make things better for you.


I have to agree with only one thing that you have to say, the response to Luthon’s comment was a bit over the top, but that said, how on earth can you generalize like that, just because the Dude has another view point to yourself, you can and may not call him a racist!!!

An attitude like yours is demeaning to anyone, that is white and not a racist. The Dude makes a valid point, just because he is afraid for his family, you have no right to make a “poephol” of him, and classify him as a racist.

Tell me if you saw a black man lurking outside your house in the middle of the night, and it carried on for two or three nights, will you feel save, or will you do something to safeguard yourself? if you do, (bearing in mind that this is only a suspicion, he has done nothing wrong) doesn’t that also make you a racist, if not what is the difference, both are perceived threats, what makes one more real than the next, to you it is a threat, to the neighbour it isn’t. To the dude it is a threat, but not to you, It is strange, not forgetting my own British heritage that as soon as one perceives oneself as no longer “Afrikaans” suddenly you fall into a different category, and you no longer fall under the people that profited from the apartheid government, just remember, it was not the Language, but the colour that divided us.

And as we are on the topic, send everyone some tips on how to stop the crime in this country, “Mr. Incredible”
you may be able to give the scorpions some tips befor they are disbanded.

Hey, MDG,

Will try to keep it short…

Regarding where to go and so on, have thought about things like ambushes? All I can say is that people are prepared and there are no shortage of intelligents and resources, like doctors & nurses.

Part of a group? yes, I am part of a group aiding unemployed, homeless and disadvantaged that have no connection with Suidlanders…

On your last post…

Yes that I can imagine and we can go on about it. How is that our fault, everyone now has equal rights, there is black empowerment, you have BEE and now we are sitting with wrong people in places and that is why we are close to being in a crisis? Free water and lights, free housing (do you know that Alex has not been load shedded, don’t know if that’s a fact), sorry i had to work for what i have and could risk loosing it??? Just watch the news, best source ever.

It’s the people’s fault they don’t know how to use condoms and breed like there is no tomorrow even though they can’t afford to?

Most of the SL’s I know are reservist and police officers…

And no I will not give up, but I will not sit and wait for criminals to rape and kill my wife and daughter, I will move away before that happens and if anything happens i will play my part…

Keep blowing it off as propaganda en twak, the reason the teenagers are reacting like this is because they that are born in the New SA are also suffering and are getting sick of this sh1t, I’m not saying its right but youare talking about one incident and then we can also talk about the piss incident, then you have two.

Look at the crime stats and tel me this is democracy??? se gat…

I get worked up and I have reason. You go and read all you can on this topic for 3 weeks and try to smile when you have seen things that is happening every day.

Sorry but I’ll talk later when I’ve calmed down…

Help the Scorpio’s


done that!

My spelling along with my temper fell by the wayside in my previous comment, must be the racist in me!

Meaning, presumably, that you are white and consider yourself not a racist, yes?

In view of the quote cited at the top of this post, I find it somehow telling that you should single out “a black man” lurking around one’s house at night. Why is that? Is it maybe because they’re more difficult to see at night and you want to impress us with your ocular acuity? Pseudian slip, perhaps?

Whatever the case may be, The Dude doesn’t put forward arguments, judging by the available samples here. S/he flatly asserts his/her unsubstantiated inferences, expecting that s/he will be taken seriously and remain unquestioned. Then s/he gets upset when challenged to provide some backing. You may have noticed how s/he hasn’t addressed a single question put to him/her.

Well, recognising the problem is the first step towards addressing it. Good luck with that.


No I am no racist, and I specifically said black man, to bring home the fact that if you should be afraid, does that necesarly make you a racist?

Not to get too far off topic, but sorry, I don’t follow this argument. In fact, here it seems to be your contention that a black man prowling around outside one’s house is somehow more frightening than, say, a pinko-grey one. Surely, any person, regardless of their colour, who hangs furtively around one’s house in the deep of night would arouse apprehension, not so?