Favorite character

Who is your favorite character(s) from the wonderful world of books?

Mine has to be Jack Reacher from Lee Child’s books. He is simply too kick ass for words - perfect combination of brawn and brains.

Prior it had always been Willie Garvin from the Modesty Blaise stories. (And suddenly I see a trend :smiley: - my favorite comic book character always has been and still is Batman)

Has to be Elric from Micheal Moorcock’s series of books.
He’s an albino, who has a sword, Stormbringer, which drinks the souls of the living it slays, and gives Elric power.
Elric struggles against the addiction to the power the sword gives him, and his yearning to be free of it. The books are awesome.

Allso Druss from the books of David Gemmell. His journey to find his wife, and his battles. Then again, Gemmell makes all his characters awesome.

Terry Pratchett’s DEATH and second in line is the 5th horseman - Chaos - I love the idea of him having a dairy farm and a wife that henpecks him.

After this I have to go with Roland from the Dark Tower series, I have this romanticism with the series as a whole.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter

I agree.

Adrian Mole.


After much reflection: Alan Shore.


Erm … literary character?

I did like him in Stargate and Sex Lies and Videotape, though!


Yes, the OP did say favourite character from “the wonderful world of books.” Admittedly, it’s a bit of a stretch but every celluloid character occurs first in a written script.


and, the paperback adaptation will no doubt follow!


Love Adrian Mole, petrified of Hannibal Lecter, think Terry Pratchett’s DEATH is hilarious, but if there has to be one, favorite literary character, I would have to go with Jo from Little Women (Louisa May Alcott)

Also LOVE Death from Terry Pratchett but Death of Rats is also awesome. My favourite character of all time is Dagny Taggart from Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand).

shit Dagny is my ultimate woman!! I must’ve read Atlas Shrugged 20x…my bible!

Of course then you have super heroes like Franciso d’Anconia and John Galt. John Galt’s speech was awesome

i feel like i’ve been living under a rock! never even heard of these books?


Mine has to be Jack Reacher
Yes! He is a good character in semi-bad books. I found the storylines rather far-fetched, but Jack is great!

I guess semi-bad books is it for me. I’ll take one over a classic any day. I read the Cacher in the Rye for instance and desperately want that hour of my life back. About the only classic I have enjoyed was Patrick Süskind’s Perfume. I guess my idea of a classic and others’ just doesn’t quite jell. I just enjoy a good story - and sometimes far fetched is the best escapism.

John Galt's speech was awesome
I've read it three or four times myself and I have *never* been able to finish the entire speech :o :-[ But he stopped the motor of the world alright :D

GCG. You would LOVE Atlas Shrugged. Every book shop has it - it’s an all-time classic by the philosopher (and outspoken atheist) Ayn Rand. Dagny Taggart and Henk Reerden go on a quest to find the legendary John Galt. It’s set in the mid 20th Century when the railroads were such a huge part of industry and essential for the functioning of the economy. Towards the end of the book John Galt takes over the airwaves and gives a speech to America - it is awesome and knowing you as I do, I think you will LOVE the book. And you will want to own your own copy so try to make a plan to buy one.

Agree with Steve GCG…ask Gavin he may be able to lend you a copy…Jackie dotes on Dagny Taggart