Free psychic readings!!

Yes, thats right.

Because I love you guys so much, and you have been so awesome.

I will do free psychic readings right here in this thread for any who want.

On condition that you rate the accuracy - a simple out of 10 scale is fine.


I have a question.

We all have questions.

I have one for you even.

Getting me to ask “what question?” then you saying “HA! if you were a REAL psychic you wouldn’t have needed to ask that!! - sorry for you pwnage.”

This is amusing, but sadly based on a severe ignorance (not a bad thing, just a lack of knowledge - not a value judgment) of psychic phenomena.

Please, keep smiling.

Wow. You are awesome! Don’t see a question though?

Me next!

Thanks! :smiley: yeah forgot to phrase it as a question.
But I thought I could just say “Yeah I have a question for him that I will ask later” and that would be a good enough excuse.

ok Mr cyghost.

You have pain in your left leg, from an injury.
Also, left handed
I can see you in a room, its fairly small and untidy with your pc on a computer stand on the left side of the room.
To the right and against the wall is a small bookshelf
Also on the right and closer to the door is your bed, which would be behind you when sitting at your pc.
Your name is Peter?
Not living on the ground floor, 2nd or 3rd floor perhaps - block of flats.

I also get that you work in an IT company, probably in tech
You entertain a fantasy of being a vigilante


Out of those 10 you have 1 correct. :-[ :-\ :’(

I’m no psychic but those odds don’t seem to be very good.

Ok thanks, lucky I didnt charge you for it :stuck_out_tongue:

But imagine if I had got 10 out of 10, wow, it would have been epic. The SA skeptic movement would have been like OMG!! WTF!!

It was worth a try :stuck_out_tongue:

10 / 10? Odds are that you knew who I was then more than you being psychic.

It astounds me really. It is so easy to test for and there is still a million bucks up for the taking. If there was any truth in it, we’d have had the evidence we required.

Why any person in their right minds can fall for it, astounds me. You asked about the benefits for being skeptical before. First one to my mind was getting to the truth and second being able to protect oneself. Then I decided to google.

The question is not even wrong though. I don’t think about benefits for being skeptical, I just am. It is what makes me me.

May the Force be with you.

Those are the same odds John Edwards & James van what’s-his-face make a living with. Midd93, I think you make a brilliant psychic! :slight_smile:

I’ll tell you a funny story. My wife once, without my knowledge, sent a clipping of hair from our dog to a pet psychic because she thought it looked sad. Anyway, the feedback came and the dog as it turns out was sad and it’s liver wasn’t working properly etc. Recommended a crystal on it’s collar and that it should sleep on a yellow blanket. I laughed when I found out, my wife was a little embarrased. Well it’s been nearly 3 now and I thnk my wife has realised that the dog looks sad because that’s the shape of its face! Needless we gave the liver transplant a skip.

Can I be next?

Sure, I will do it just now.

Brace yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wanted to let you know that you suck as a psychic, I’ve been sending thoughts telepathically, since you made your free offer, for you to do a reading for me…

But take heart, you can always try your hand at being a skeptic. :wink: That way, you are allowed to draw knowledge from books instead of crystal balls and poorly shuffled decks of scarilly oversized playing cards.


I hope you are still giving free readings. I have a question(s) for you. I is my marriage. It feels if my marriage hangs in a balance right now. Will my marriage survive? What do I NEED TO DO to make it survive?

Thank you

Buy her some flowers, take her out to dinner, ply her with cheap plonk, take her home and pomp her stukkend. And end that sordid little office affair.

A word of caution, though: You’ll very probably regret it if the plonk’s too cheap. Meths won’t quite cut it, even if served à la white bread… ::slight_smile:


This are true. But, for a small fee, I could rent out my patented Rwenzori Demethalyzing Triple Fractionating Still. If you imbibe sufficient of the output, you won’t notice the effects of all the lead salts produced as a by-product of the cheap lead piping used in the still’s construction. A real win-win situation.

Well, you are assuming a certain class of person. For all we know meths and white bread may just do the trick. >:D

True, true. But if it does the trick, the psychic will have failed to foresee a dire need for an array of off-the-shelf painkillers and restoratives. Then again such inferior quality could explain why they’d be free readings. :wink:


Yup, I’m still waiting for my reading… will a small “donation” help Midd93?