Judgement Day

Does anyone know if it starts in Australia and then makes its way around? Will we be able to watch it on Sky News?

Just expanding on this a little after seeing Faerie’s post in I lol’d. I had planned to relax and watch the Super 15 that day but apparently it’s Judgement Day - 21 May 2011.

Instead of rugby, there is going to be some serious shit going down…

I wasn’t too worried about this until I read this part…

Now I am so stressed; should I cancel all my monthly debit orders and go and have fun for the next 8 days or so? :stuck_out_tongue:
I did a brief scan of the website and my question in the previous post, amongst a gazillion others, remains…Will it start in Australia and make it’s way round as the earth spins?

I find this very strange … along with the earthquakes and chaos etc. Jesus will be coming back on that day! This could mean that either he is going to make all these really bad things happen in which case he is a prick, or he is popping in to have a look for entertainment purposes and is still a prick!

well, on the flipside, if the end of days can hang tight till the day is over, you can go enjoy an airshow at swartkops, or a geological talk at the botanical gardens. go out with a smile.

God does not time know…so it will happen all at once… tuff if you’re asleep or on the bog, pomping whatever…shit happens…prove me wrong!

I’m married… >:D

Who you calling a prick???

You’re back early! :slight_smile:

Yes. It starts at 1800 local time in New Zealand, then works its way around. So 1800 local time wherever you are. I wonder what Harold Camping’s excuse will be at 1900 when bugger all has happened (again).

My sympathies…

Does that mean the Kiwis will get it in the neck a second time 24 hours later or will the destruction stop just shy of NZ?

Earlier forum discussions re Harold Camping and his Dippy Doomsayers’ likely response to their assuredly failed predictions here and here. The short of it is that there will be no end of excuses in the form of exegetical errors. Their date will be revised and they’ll do it all over again with undiminished fervour, having learnt precisely nothing useful from their failure.


No, I think when it gets just short of the date line the whole planet just sort of stops, so all the unraptured lurch into each other like strap-haging passengers on a bus driven by an appy.

Yup, last time his excuse was that he hadn’t read Jeremiah yet (it comes late in the ditzy doom monger’s correspondence course), but I’m sure this time he’s read the whole thing from dedication to postscript. I’ll be waiting for his escuse with keen anticipation.


I love this!!!

only 8 more sleeps then we live forever…or for never!

The Pretoria SITP is on that day. Excuse for a pissup methinks.

Personally can’t wait - gonna be a fucking hoot one way or the other!

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Judgement Day has been postponed. Dad’s still on holiday, and not expected back for a few years.

Remember - you heard it first at South African Skeptics.

Thanks for that update, Jesus. You guys had trouble securing a venue for the send-off, I hear. I’m sure, as sceptics, we’re all much relieved at this heartening development of your dad’s continued absence (even though in truth not many could tell when he’s actually around). Would those “few years” be biblical years where one day is a thousand years, or ordinary people years?

Also, do you have a message for Harold Camping’s lot? Anything at all?


Verily I say unto you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a fuckwit to enter into the kingdom of God.

On Saturday, while going to Pretoria from Middelburg, a big bakkie and a car came past at high speed. Both looked brand new to me and they had spray paint jobs on them with “Judgement Day” and a few bible verses. Now if they were new vehicles, were they bought on hire purchase agreements? Were the paint jobs done on credit? Are they filling them up with garage cards? If so, a bit dishonest I think. Going into debt with no intention of repaying, also, are they going to respray them on the 22nd? Have they booked the spray booth? Imagine driving those vehicles after the 21. :-[