You see, last night someone (think they) mentioned “Justnowism”, the belief that the universe was created a couple of seconds ago, with everything, including your memories, created exactly as it would have been had the universe been billions of years old.

I would like to solidly reject that belief, which is obviously baloney. I instead supply you with the true gospel:

Justnownowism. This is the (true and perfect) gospel of how the universe DOES NOT YET EXIST, but you are experiencing this moment in time as a memory while it is being implanted into your future brain, as it comes into existance.

I’m happy to assume the heavy burden of being the sole and authoritive leader of this newfound true knowledge religion. Please make cheques out to “Mr. BoogieMonster”, so that we can invest that money (which doesn’t exist yet anyway) into spreading our newfound truth among the retroactive memories of the as-yet-non-existant people of the future world.

I thank you.

The way you phrase it may create the misunderstanding that you are into this for the money.

I will not draw any salary, but I will volunteer my time, free of charge, to safeguard church funds from those with less resolve. I will also endeavor to keep church money safe from the clutches of SARS.

When I say “now now” or rather “nou nou” to my wife she didn’t quite understand that I meant “nou nou” and not “NOW now” - so sign me up. I’ll be sure to sent the cheque now now.

now now = just now = nou net = netnou = momentarily (US English) ??? ;D ;D

Well that explain my wife’s confusion then… she just doesn’t understand me.

I’ll work on her to get her into our new cult support group of Justnownowism.

I’m going to sign up, just now now… >:D

Now now = soon = eventually = never.

Now now, there’s no point in arguing about definitions revolving around time, since time doesn’t exist yet. But will now now.

I hope His Noodly Holiness the FSM (pasta be upon Him) already exists outside space and time in order to perform the required creation nownow.

At last, a reason for my memory lapses, its not yet implanted…

I’ll write out that cheque nownow…

Ye all be warned! The creation is NIGH! REPENT and send funds more now-ish than nownow-ish, lest ye waste ye last opportunit-ie before the great creating begins! Love and Blessing to all our fellow bretheren, and let there be many pre-existing cheques of devotion.

Hey Master BM … you should call your movement JustThenIsm to distinguish it from the obviously fraudulent Justnowism. We would consequently exist now and then.


How far are we with the creation of the universe? now-now?

Now and then.

Now now, such pessimism in unbecoming.

The revelation has come, and the creation is still nigh, but not as nigh as we previously rectroactively thought we’d believed. The great creator works in mysterious ways, ours is not to question, BUT, maybe this is wisdom, for it gives the non-existing more non-time to pre-repent. SO PRE REPENT WHILE THERE’S STILL NO TIME!

Wow, six days later and I’m STILL trying to wrap my little mortal head around that. I’m sure I’ll “get” it nownow…

Revelation can only come through cleansing, and I have not received your cheque, I must note.