Landmarks. Where am I?

1 Mark for correct province
1 Mark for correct road number
10 marks for correct landmark.

http://C:\Users\tweefo\Dropbox\Camera Uploads\2014-05-13 15.54.45

Can’t see the picture…

Sorry. What am I doing wrong here? It is too big to attach it in “Additional Options” so I used the “Insert Image” icon and put the file location in.

Your “C:\” drive is not visible to the outside world. I suggest you reduce the size of the image (width & height) until it gets small enough to attach using something like the picture editor that comes with Micro$oft Office. Alternatively, you could upload to a picture hosting service like Flickr and then link to it in your post here.


Lets try again. Why is there a insert picture icon if you can’t really use it?

It is NOT upside down on my computer! Should have used the Preview window.

Is it better? Can’t see the pic in preview.

I give up and are going back to drawing stick figures.

It looks like the N1 in the vicinty of Springfontein in the OFS (looking south). By ‘landmark’ do you mean the oke on the bicycle or the telephone pole?

It needs an internet URL to an image, for example:

The above will display as:

However, it cannot be used to display images stored on your PC unless you configure your PC as a web server.

Here is your puzzle image in full size:;attach=1035


Thanks Mefiante. OK start guessing. It is quite a major landmark.

I don’t know, but that dassie sitting on the rocks to the left looks familiar.

How you driving and uploading pictures?

  • Freestate
  • N1
  • Gariep dam (reason for no visible water is 'cause it ran out when the picture got inverted)

And the prize goes to Rigel. Yes, the Orange river in the dip. N1 going north.

Mmm … I think st0nes got it first, though. Springfontein is right there too. This is good fun. I’m going to sift through some holiday pics and post something later.


Daar’s hy.;attach=1039;image

I don’t know, but there the dassie again.;attach=1041


:-X :wink:

Nope, sorry - not even close. :smiley:

Did not upload it while driving, I took the picture yesterday, and did a thoroughly bad job of getting it up here this morning.