We humans are social animals so we need a leader of the pack. Being the the leader, he/she get privileges. However, in my experience, the leader get more than he/she is entitled to most of the time. Usually it is not to bad, but of coarse this can, and do, get out of hand. (“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”) even to the point of life and death (the Hitlers and Stalins of this world). With hindsight I think that most people will agree that the world would have been a better place without Hitler. He did some good, like getting Germany out of a severe depression, but if only he was taken out before 1939!
In my, not very informed, opinion, Julius Malema is a leader getting away with more than he is entitled to, and if things carry on like this, he is going to be a problem in the future.

Yeah, he is scary as hell.
The thing, imo is that he considers himself and his peers to be above the law, and that he is quick to threaten violence.
The government has shifted from being a body of administration and service to the public, acquiring connotations of royalty and superiority.

I can’t decide what the optimal strategy is to deal with Malema and others like him.

On the one hand, he thrives on attention (and is likely deliberately making outrageously inflammatory statements in part to divert the public’s attention away from other outrageous things the ANC government are doing). So to combat him, it seems that simply ignoring him, and refraining to retweet his idiocy would be a good idea.

On the other hand, can we really afford to not be watchful of him? By agreeing to all lock down on the dissemination of his nonsense, will we not be granting him the opportunity to do and say dangerous things in relative obscurity?

Imagine him as a president. This is the future ANC leaders, so it is not a totally way off idea. Mugabe again?

Maintain a free Press. Laugh at his ridiculous ideas at every opportunity. The M&G has awarded him a number of “Mampara of the Week” accolades. Political cartoonists lampoon his antics regularly. Most SAns realize that Malema’s brand of radicalism isn’t a good solution.

While I agree that “a haughty laugh is worth a thousand syllogisms”, does it not seem that Malema is (at least outwardly) immune to not only reason, but also to ridicule?

Those of us likely to read the M&G are likely able to figure out for ourselves what a Mampara he is. But what about everyone else? Do they say similarly harsh things about him in the Sowetan or on SABC News?

Even if they do, he doesn’t appear to be affected by it in the least. I’ve yet to hear him respond to the countless allegations that he has the intellectual capacity of a toadstool.

Granted, it’s a tricky situation. The benefit would not be for Malema himself but for others who may may be observing with a somewhat open mind. He and his minions are in any case beyond the reach of reason. If he gets ridiculed from enough different angles most people would take that as definitive.

I hope you’re right.

I recall a time our current pres. was the subject of cartoons and ridicule… :’(

True enough but JZ never showed such consistent radical off-the-wall craziness as Malema does. In my experience many ordinary people seem to realize that.

Did anyone see the Third Degree special on Malema last night? I Missed it, although I would probable not last long before switching anyway…

I think the ANC is usinge him the same way that they used Peter Mokaba in the 1980’ with his “Kill the Boer, kill the farmer” slogan and radical thinking.(his "We will kill for JZ slogan). More for propaganda and I think he is a pawn in this political game. He is also trying to following in footsteps of his predecessor Fikile Mbalula and to show the ANCYL that he also can be a “big lion”. What I am wondering is why JZ is not taking decisive steps against him? Votes and support, maybe

Nice to now and then see a thread where everyone is basically in agreement! :wink:


Trye. agree with you Mintaka. Certainly everybody is arguing. I personally find Malena hellish.

I agree, this guy is painful. Did any of you manage to page through Max Du Preez & Mandy Rossouw’s new book - The world according to Malema? It’s basically a bunch of his more unbelievable quotes. He comes up with some funny stuff! A good laugh!

Hehe. Malema gets kicked out of the ANC, then loses the appeal and his family do nothingprays against evil spirits’ to help!

A sobering take. Not that it will cause Juju even a moment’s uncomfortable deliberation. More likely, it’ll turn into a slanging contest.


It’s a pity that those who should read this won’t.

Unless Malema tries to turn it into a mud-throwing competition.

C’mon Julius, I Streisand Effect dare ya!

It’s a pity that those who should read this can’t