Questions that boggle the mind.

How do they put the stripes in toothpaste?

You get a kind of beer, that when you pop the can, something on the inside release some gas to make it fizzy. It must be the release of pressure that activates it. Question is how do they get it in there? Is the whole building (the brewery) under pressure or what?

Political and religious officials are typically way ahead of the rest of us on the stupidity curve. The question is, does this curve keep climbing indefinitely or does it flatten out at some distant point?


They use science, not magic. :wink:


Oh, ok but can the brain still do the science after the beer is consumed?

How do jokes (usually based on some disaster) spread so rapidly…even before the advent of the Internet (e.g. when the NASA rocket exploded some years back)the one female astronaut with blue eyes…blew apart!!! sicko!

Oh, ok but can the brain still do the science after the beer is consumed?

For a loose definition of science, definitely. Like this:

Experiment 1: Will the blonde girl in the high-heels sleep with me?

Experiment 2: Will the slighly less attractive redhead sleep with me?

and so on and so forth…

It is often not the question but the answer that does the boggling. :smiley:

Indeed as with the toothpaste stripes…brilliant: I suspected something akin to that but never actually tried cutting one open.

Cant afford to, toothpaste isnt the most inexpensive thing.

Do Chinese newspapers have crossword puzzles?

Not that I get that one. The most well known is that the acronym NASA stands for Need Another Seven Astronauts. And then there is the rumour that the last transmission from the doomed shuttle was “Okay, let the woman drive…”

Anyway, I have often wondered the same thing. How long before the jokes will be in circulation before the bad news is known?

Many years ago, in my irresponsible youth, I often had a few at a pub. One drunken evening, a punny joke occurred to me (you need knowledge of Afrikaans to get it):

Q: What is die vroulik van barman?
A: Bar moeder.

How extraordinarily clever, and all my drinking buddies thought so too. But the interesting thing is that a year or two later, I heard someone I did not know at all tell that joke. I wonder whether he invented it independently, or whether it was my own joke having come full circle.

I’ve heard this uterine pun the first time somewhere between '90-92. It was quite funny when pissed. Is that contemporary to the date of coining?


Speaking of which..

More or less, though to be honest, I think mine dates from a year or two later. Maybe. Can’t quite remember, but I suppose it is the kind of thing that can be independently invented numerous times.

And yes, one has to be fairly inebriated before it becomes funny. :slight_smile:

Hehehe, Miss Bachman has become something of an anti-hero. Or something.

Man, the things they create bandwagons for…

Don’t know about the curve but what boggles the mind here is the spin. Normal people slink off to a corner when caught out but not these guys. Maybe that is the definition of a politician, the ability to turn a negative into something that somehow sound positive.
That would make all second hand car salesmen potential politicians.

I recon it largely depends on which Stupidity Index (SI) you care to use. For instance, if you choose for your SI unit, say, the Déjà-cockup (Dc - the number of times dumb incidents are repeated by politicians and clergy as judged by the constituency) then the curve may never quite flatten out. But if you choose the OS (Oops, sorry!) index, then you’ll find the curve pretty flat already.


Hmm, the Dc and OS indices are inversely related to one another: As the one goes up, the other decreases, and so the OS index would asymptotically approach a fixed value (I suspect it’s zero) as the quantity of Dc increases, pretty much irrespective of how the amount of Dc increases.

Tweefo reminded me that directly related to the Dc measure is the much less familiar but more reliable Dorbke scale. (“Dorbke” = “Denial of responsibility by kak excuse.”) My original question really was whether there is an upper limit to how many Dc and/or Dorbkes government and religious officials are individually and collectively capable of amassing. I don’t think the answer can depend on the units of measure, but if it does, that would be equally mindboggling.