SITP Sandton

1 September 2010
McGinty’s Pub on Hill str, just past the Morningside Medi-Clinic
7:30 for 8pm
Facebook event page.

spank you ;D

Yesssss! I will be there.

I will also have my rig in the car (coming through straight from a lunch-time gig out in the Magaliesburg) and could offer them live music. But naaaa, I’d rather sit and relax/talk/debate/testify/get pissed with da Familia.

i phoned the pub, and they wont have anything on then, so it should be quiet enough for us to do our thing and cause general choas

Here’s the FB event:

Do they have a private or semi-private function room we can book?

it’s very small pub akshully, very much a ma and pa kind of setup. but they mainly do business over lunch hour, so we should be pretty much left to our lonesome.
unless there is some rugby or soccer game that i dont know of.

Awesome :slight_smile:

i booked a table for 10 pax, 7:30 in the smoking section.
generally i find it easiest to make your way to the graystone/rivonia intersection, then head north from there. trying to fight your way along all of rivonia or through sandton is just a hell of traffic lights and construction.


i skeemed i would be the only one not smoking, so all things being equal, i should conform, hey?

Awesome… It’s gonna be good. I’ve done some spreading the word on the blag & on Twitter and I suggest others do the same. It would be especially cool if we can draw in some newcomers.

The next one will have more members leaning towards the non-smoking section… if all goes well after the 7th.

We generally have ± 20% smokers, so we usually sit in the smoking section to avoid the situation where there’s always one or two people outside.

Down-side is the music is often louder in the smoking section, making conversation more difficult.

this pub his an outside section, which has got heaters and the like, and as far as i can remember, not so much music.
having a smoker in the group, is like having an english guy in the group. everyone speak english to accomodate him, even if everyone else is dutch.

In the case of the English guy it really is quite simple in my experience - everyone speaks English to him/her because often Afrikaans people have some grasp of the English language, while the English guy most likely has never gone to the trouble of learning the lingo that a small group of strange white folk in Africa speaks that is not spoken or understood anywhere else in the civilized world (that I know of)
The second reason is that English people enjoy laughing at Afrikaans speaker’s English accents more that Afrikaners enjoy laughing at the English guys trying to speak Afrikaans. This is either because the Afrikaans guys are trying to be nice, or because the Afrikaans guys don’t realize that they speak with exceptionally bad accents…
I guess its all in the interest of effective communication, really.

No … Lilli … it’s because English is way more cool and intelligent than Afrikaans. >:D

ooooooo stevo. nou soek jy kak >:D

oooooo … now you’re looking for shit. Mmmmm … okay … sounds much better in Afrikaans. Heheh.

i have, as of so far, encountered only two languages in which you can insult someone, and it sounds like poetry.
the one is Hindi, the other boere afrikaans.

I love Afrikaans and as you say GCG it’s very expressive ‘Voertsek!’ is so much better than ‘g’way!’. and then your particular way with words leave me breathless (sprakeloos). But when a dominee says “Dit is virrr my 'n bezondere voorrreg om hier te midde van die heuglike gebeurtenis, Godstyding aan u oor te dra!” then I want to vomit.