Some Fora are now gone for me, or am I blocked?

It just keep getting harder to find things in here, luckily I’ve discovered, kinda, how to use the drop-downs at the top to progressively search for forums.

But, previously I was able to access a “members” forum, that you had to have a certain number of posts or time on the site to access. In there I also had created the “general chat thread” to mimic this site’s most oft used (and sorely missed) feature.

This is now all missing. Unfortunate accident or planned event? I suspect access to this may have been reset too?

Because the temporary version also lacked some accessibility the original version had I only saw the Oct 2020 post by admin now … Sigh.

Sorry about that! Yeah, unfortunately I had to make some hasty decisions to move to a new server and forum. All the posts should still be there, but I’m still figuring out how to structure permissions with the new Discourse forum software. Happy to see that you are able to login and post though, so we should be able to sort it out :slight_smile:

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@BoogieMonster, did you receive an email detailing how the trust levels work? I’ve manually bumped some regular users to TL2 - so you should be able to access the Members only category now.

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

also, password didn’t work so I had to use an email link; no biggie really

funky new look :smile:

oh ok, saw this now:

Yeah, SMF was cool 15 years ago, but it’s gone a bit stale. Theming is much easier with Discourse now, so will likely tweak the look a bit in future.

Bumped you to TL2 as well @cyghost!


This is to add more characters.

Is it just me or have certain usernames reverted to age-old forms?

Oh, and I should add: I LOVE that we can see recent replies nice and sorted again. THANKS that’s a big boon for usability.

I cannot even reset the password on my main account (“Anacoluthon64,” alias “Mefiante”) so I’m only using this one (which was created as a gag nine years ago) to alert the admin(s). I have also e-mailed forum(at) (as per the “About” details but the matter hasn’t been addressed yet.


oh noes, get Mefiante back asap! :laughing:

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Okay, thanks @bluegray, all’s well again.

Now, to get used to this new hosting platform. :face_with_head_bandage: (Truth be told, it looks like an elaborate WhatsApp.)


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Glad to have you back! I’m still struggling with that as well :stuck_out_tongue:
It was unavoidable though. If you don’t have $$$ to spend, forum software choices are limited. I’m fairly confident that Discourse is the best way going forward though, even if you include some paid for platforms - if nothing else, it’s fairly easy to customise and is well supported by an established community. SMF hasn’t been updated in years, and is a pain to maintain alongside your day job. Well worth somewhat of a learning curve in my opinion.

…also one of the reasons I chose Discourse, is because of its approach to new member management and spam control. This will allow us to open new user registration with less overhead than in the past. And hopefully this will encourage more conversation.

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Well, I think it’s good stuff, though quite unfamiliar feeling, I’m sure we’ll get used to it.

If I can move on to a more minor point… Images linked in posts are just displaying as links. I assume because markup is different on this platform… is this just how legacy posts are going to display? (See the "Iol’d post)

Yes, unfortunately the migration script handled it that way. Not sure why. It looks like there might be a way to fix, but I’ll have to investigate what the impact may be.

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This should be fixed now. There are still some that display as links, but those are to images that no longer exist or are broken.

Awesome. Thanks!!! I know this is work…

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