Anyone care to comment on these???
Heard about it some time ago, and got sent the link a few days ago again…




Throughout history, mankind has been fascinated with end-of-the-world or major-disaster prophecies – the bloodier, the better. At the same time, the so-called prophets who issue such predictions consistently fall into one of two categories: those who prophesy clearly are almost always wrong, and those who need interpretation (the majority) are “right” after the fact, when a suitable event has happened that bears a passing resemblance to what the “prophet” said or wrote. The fact that Siener van Rensburg needs interpretation is suspicious; the fact that Madiba’s death will possibly be from unnatural causes and will unleash mass murder of white people sounds like a good way to spread unfounded fear and paranoia.

Remember back around ’94 when many whites emigrated from SA? The reason most often given was that civil war was just ’round the corner. However, no well-known prophet was involved then.


What a coincidence, I had a conversation with someone just last week about this. I was shocked to meet someone who actually believed this… ‘stuff’.

This person was also a big supporter of the ‘volkstaat’ idea, although even my most basic questions with regards to simple problems faced by the idea could not be answered. Something that I only thought of later (pity) was why would you bother with a ‘volkstaat’ if doom was imminent. ::slight_smile:

I see on the siener.co.za website that speculate about how minibus taxis could transport upto 70 000 people to the JHB city center. Why would they want to go to the Jo’burg city center to kill whiteys?

After a look around it seems that “UHURU” means freedom, but also something like summit or peak…
There is an UHURU peak on Kilimanjaro


So what was actually said in some places was that their freedom was not at a peak or “not yet uhuru”
It could be a bit misleading and give a new meaning to the meaning to what was written on the taxis and stuff…

Just a thought…

As for the supposed protection of a “volkstaat,” you’d do better simply burying your head in the sand and gluing a feather-duster to your butt. Maybe they’ll mistake you for an ostrich.

At an average of 14 people plus weapons per taxi, that’s 5,000 taxis. That, in turn, is a single-file line about 25 km long. Not impossible, of course, especially if the infiltration is spread out over several hours, but highly unlikely that they should get through largely undetected. Also, consider the size of the supposed cover-up: several government departments, the police services, the army and the justice system, all of whom are expected to keep silent. There’s an old saying (there always is one, isn’t there?) that covers this aspect quite nicely: “Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead.” Finally, it seems that Madiba has advanced prostate cancer, which is likely to end his earthly days, and last time I checked this affliction was still counted as a natural cause.

And why concentrate on Joeys when Pretoria, Cape Town and Bloemfontein are at least equally important from a strategic control perspective?


Hello All
First time on this forum. I would like to comment on UHURU, and I would like you all please to be open-minded about what I will tell you. I will not force you or try to make you believe what I tell you. I will merely highlight some problems and then we go from there okay?

First of all, forget about the cliches about a volkstaat, about rightwing plotters, about overthrowing the government and all other jazz you heard about. It is propaganda and should be ignored. Look at your surroundings and what is happening in SA right now.

Example: Crime is getting out of hand, no news there. Although it might interest you to know that 2016 farmers have already been murdered in SA. Israel invaded Libynon for 2 soldiers that were kidnapped. (think about this). I can also tell you that the murder rate (excluding people dying in hospitals due to neglegence) is about 64 per 100 000. In France, the rate is 4 people dead per 100 000. SA is currently the crime capital of the world. Farmers are mutilated and tortured until death. I can show you photos, but my idea is not to scare you but to inform you.

I have a video which you can download from the net, about the songs which ANC/Cosatu/SACP members sing at their rallies, their meetings etc. These songs are called freedom songs or struggle songs and after 12 years of “democracy”, they are still being sung. These songs incite hatred and violence towards whites. The problem is that these songs are an expression of what these blacks feel and are prepared to do. This is not a racist comment, be open-minded about this. What the reasons for their hatred is, is irrelevant for now, I am only highlighting the current environment in SA. So bear with me.

Next you saw the strikes in the country that have been escalating. Since November 2005 there has not been a single day in SA without an organized strike (on large scale, not little strikes). Think about the Transport strikes, Petrol strikes, PicknPay,Cleaners,Shoprite and Security guards as an example.

What happened to the loyal workers who refused to strike? They were thrown off trains, their arms were cut off, they were killed and tortured. Why? Think about this… it is not just a question of “it’s in their blood”. Let me explain why…

Remember the necklace murders which made WInnie Mandela famous? She burnt her victims alive with tyres around their necks if they dared disobey her orders. What was the result? Unity. How sick it may seem, it installed a discipline amongst her followers. Blacks were afraid to disobey her orders which put her in a position to give any order she pleased and knowing, that it would be carried out, regardless of the consequences.

The strikes are creating a similar discipline. They are persecuting anyone who does not unite with their cause. Now the next question is Why? Why do they need this unity, and what are they planning that they need this amount of discipline for? I will leave this question with you and after the article you can decide for yourself.

Next I want you to look at the culture of the blacks. Not the urbanized black people, look at the rural people. Think about the fact that they have little or nothing to lose. Think about the estimated 20 million illegal immigrants in the country who feel nothing for the people here. Even the blacks dont want the immigrants here because they “take our jobs”, one black person was recorded to have said.

Also think of this, there has been 25 years of propaganda about how bad all the whites are, how badly we treated them, how we (today still!) take their jobs, own all the land, try to undermine them, want to rule them, dont want them to have anything worthwhile, how WE GAVE THEM AIDS etc etc. Whether it is the truth, or lies is irrelevant for now, I want you to think about cause and effect.

Okay, so lets recap:

  1. The majority of blacks have a deeply rooted hatred for whites.
  2. They have nothing to lose and believe that the possessions of whites are theirs for the taking.
  3. They believe that we are settlers who do not belong in Africa.
  4. They are instilling a discipline amongst their people to do “something”
  5. They incite eachother by singing vicious songs about killing whites (even today).
  6. Look at the crime levels in SA (being the most dangerous country in the world today and where countries like New Zealand warn tourists about crime and urging them rather to choose other destinations)
  7. Look at the hate crimes being committed in terms of farm murders and the brutality of it.

I can go on, but my point is, if there was a rumour that they could have the chance to kill whites when Mandela dies, some may believe it, and if only 0.02% of the black population in SA believes this rumour and are willing to kill (like they said they would), then we have 200 000 murderers running the streets that neither the army nor the police can stop.

But there are also other possible scenarios: APLA was the old military wing of the PAC, the most communist party in SA. When the military wing was disbanded, these militants were taken up into the army. The people you need to protect you if such a scenario plays out, are the people who chanted slogans like “kill a boer, kill a farmer” etc. Just think about this… dont comment.

Also think about this, the military and the government act on “all possible threats”. When they hear of a potential threat to their position, they act immediately. Why? Because they are rather safe than sorry. They cannot afford to underestimate a rumour.

Now we have heard a “rumour”. You can underestimate the scenario, or you can prepare. It’s going to take effort but not more than that. None of your efforts will be wasted.

We are in agreement that anarchy is possible, whatever the reason, and whoever is involved is not important. Whether it is 100 000 criminals, or 100 000 armed militia, or 100 000 ex-apla members, it is irrelevant. Point is, there is a potential unslaught and we need to prepare for it. Unfortunately, talking isn’t going to make much difference now, those who havent listened until now, will not listen in the future either.

So what do we do? We prepare for it.
How do we prepare? Well, we have done a number of things (as members of the “Die Suidlanders”), including the making of an Afrikaans DVD where ex military intel person, Gustav Muller, speaks about the coming anarchy and calls on whites to unite and prepare in order to survive. Be sure that we are not inciting violence in any manner, but we are aware of threats to our safety and it is 100% legal to protect yourself and your family. The dvd is in Afrikaans, but here are some tips:

Liewer bang Jan as dooie Jan. (Rather scared than dead)
What do I prepare for? Chaos.
What would cause it? The total collapse of the South African Infrastructure. (It could be caused by a number of things, large strikes, a funeral where workers don’t work for 7 days, war in the middle East that causes fuel shortages in SA and all over the world, inflation and interest rates that skyrocket, or a combination of the above). The reason is irrelevant.
What will the result of the collapse of infrastructure be? No power, no running water, sewerage systems not working, rubbish removal non-existant, fuel shortages, food shortages etc.
What happens when infrastructure collapses? Crime increases. The already underprivilaged, permanently disadvantaged, hungry masses will forcefully take whatever they want to survive. This means that they will target areas where it is perceived to be “rich”, ie white suburbs, shops etc.
Why do I say this? In New Orleans, a first world country (NOT 3rd world like SA today where 56 people are killed per day), thousands of soldiers had to use extreme force to bring the state under control when rapists, murderers and robbers pludered the city. Outside the city, 100 000 american soldiers waited for the civilians with rat-packs (food packs), tents, blankets and ensured their safety. All this happened because a tsunami forced people to evacuate their homes and knocked out power across the city.

Now think about this. If the power in SA is knocked out for a long period of time (a few days-weeks), why would it NOT happen here? In New Orleans there wasn’t a culture of rape and murder, there wasn’t a hate towards Apartheid, there wasn’t racial friction and they didn’t NEARLY have the crime rate that we sit with in SA. And we all know that after 48 hours, even the battery of your alarm system in your home is flat. Should chaos break out, the police won’t have the manpower to protect the citizens. So unless you prepare, you will be a sitting duck, surrounded by armed criminals, driven by hate, hunger or whatever else. What will you do?

How do I prepare? There are four things to do: 1. GET FUEL WHILE THERE IS FUEL! Don’t wait until there is total anarchy and then try to go to the closest garage. This happens faster than you can imagine. The previous day the people in new orleans still went ice skating and had coffee at the mall. Two days later they were dependent on the US government for food, shelter and protection. YOU DON’T HAVE THAT LUXURY IN SA! There will be nothing waiting for you. So get enough fuel to drive 100km. With that, you can either drive towards food, or away from danger. Number 2: GET FOOD. It might sound silly until you need bread and drive to the shops to find them plundered, or the shelves empty. It is wise to stock food for about 3 months, you can ignore it, but if there is trouble, you can stand in line with a plastic bowl and wait for handouts. Oh yes, while you are trying to protect yourself and your family from getting killed by people driven by desperation, who also didn’t have anything to eat for weeks, or people that have streamed across our borders for a “better life”. 3rd tip: MEDICAL SUPPLIES – This is especially important for children and people with chronic conditions. No matter which way you look at it, you need that medicine, so make sure you have extras. You can ignore it, but if there is fuel shortages, and your medicine supplies cant make it to the local pharmacy, what are you going to do? Go to the hospital where they have the same problem? Hmmm… 4th hint: Support – Like I said before, there will be no army waiting to help you, especially if we have ministers who publically declare “If you don’t like the crime in the country, the leave?!”. So what do you have? Eachother. Form support groups with people that are like-minded. As your groups grow, your resources will grow too. Nothing I have suggested is illegal, nowhere have I incited violence, but if you see what is happening in the country, then it is your duty to prepare for it and to protect your loved ones.
Does any other government expect anarchy in SA? Yes. A British MI6 officer (British Intelegence), told our friend Gustav in January 2006, that 200 points were identified all over South Africa, by 120 MI6 personell since November 2005, where they can land their helicopters AND EVACUATE BRITISH PASSPORT HOLDERS from this country. Remember, countries do not go to these lengths, and fork out these expenses if they did not have a reason to expect that trouble was coming. So if MI6 is ready, we can assume that all other intelegence agencies have done the same for their citizens. Shouldn’t you?

And lastly I would like to leave you with one thought. History repeats itself, do not be as arrogant as to think that you are untouchable. For people who had military training, good for you, but remember that you might not be as fit as you used to be. For people with licensed firearms, it is one thing to own a weapon, and another thing to be able to USE it. Make sure that you practice because it does not come naturally. Knowing the theory behind what you should do, and ACTUALLY DOING IT, is two different things. Don’t be caught unaware.

Last question: From when should you be ready?

Answer: You should have been ready yesterday. MI6 has been on high alert since January 2006.

Who can help me?
Die Suidlanders will do their best to assist the white people of South Africa, whether English, Afrikaans or German. But we will make this clear, like Nelson Mandela stepped in for the black people, we represent and step in for the whites and the whites alone. It is not a sin, however we have for so long, reached out to everyone except our “neighbour”. Love thy neighbour as ye love yourself. It is time that WE take hands with eachother, and be selfish and put our loved ones before all others. We can even organize self-defence training for our people. This includes the safe handling of licensed firearms, training for women when confronted with a rape scenario, first aid training and much more.

How do I contact Die Suidlanders?
Email: [email protected]


Sorry forgot to mention something:

Uhuru is the swahili word for freedom, yes it is. It is also the name of record companies and and and.


It is also the name of the military operation throughout Africa where whites were forcefully removed from the different countries. The worst scenario thus far happened in Kenya where Uhuru and the Mau-Maus chopped thousands of whites into pieces with machetes (pangas).

Please people, I am not asking you to change your view on life or politics. All I am saying is that history repeats itself, that there is a hatred towards all whites, regardless of their views on politics, religion etc and that you need to be aware of possible threats to your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

You have nothing to lose by being prepared, but I dont want you to be in a position where you think “I should have…”

If this breaks out, it will be uglier than anything you have ever imagined. Try to avoid it.


Where do you stand with regards to the so called prophecies of siener van Rensburg?

Hi and welcome meisiekind2…

Jeez… lengthy post… have not had time to study it in detail…

Just a comment…
Whether UHURU or the pending doom to whites is true or not. We do have the situation where there are several ethnical groups in South Africa. Most of the time there are and were fighting among blacks in Africa…
Not just between Xhosa and Zulu, but also in KINSHASA and Darfur at the moment…

I’m not saying is or is not, but we are not just blacks and whites in SA… ???

On Wiki pedia:

The official number of Kenyan rebels killed has been estimated at 11,503, but David Anderson places the actual number at higher than 20,000, and Caroline Elkins claims it is probably at least as high as 50,000, perhaps much higher. 63 British soldiers and police, 26 Asians and 2,000 pro-British Africans were killed. Approximately [b]60 white civilians[/b] among the settler community also were killed.

Maybe the 60 whites were chopped into thousands of pieces…I know …sorry… it’s sick… :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note… It’s good to check the posters…and the facts. Correctness is of the essence I think…

Hello and welcome to this, a sceptical forum, meisiekind2.

At the outset, let me be clear on this: I do not have any problem with the admonition that one should be prepared; nor do I contest that (violent) crime rates are alarmingly high in South Africa; nor that most of Africa has a violent and bloody history, and that mass slaughter has occurred; nor that a whole glut of social ills plagues this country.

My primary issue is with ill-founded alarmist rhetoric, and, to a lesser extent, the ready credence given to the idea that a bearded crackpot was able to speak about the future in impenetrable riddles, which only acquired clarity of meaning after the fact, such babblings being the primary source for the current batch of scaremongering and bottled paranoia.

Your post highlights the need for critical thinking in South Africa. Why? Because it commits several fallacies of argumentation. Foremost in this regard are errors of evidence, most notably cherrypicking of data, confirmation bias and hasty generalisation. Also prominent are failures to consideralternative explanations, scare tactics and unwarranted inferences.

The murder rate statistics you cite – but provide no substantiation of at all – includes all people murdered in South Africa, not so? If you are going to split this on “racial” lines, what are the individual murder rates for white people, black people, asians, coloureds, etc.? Similarly, the ideas that “[t]he majority of blacks have a deeply rooted hatred for whites,” that “[t]hey have nothing to lose,” etc., (i.e. your 7-point recap) are, as presented, in each case without any credible foundation. Merely saying that it is so does not affect what actually is the case. As an aside, I have yet to detect any evidence of this supposedly pervasive hatred.

Moreover, that union meetings are characterised by rowdy singing is perhaps symptomatic of the general relief and solidarity felt that follows the usually tense atmosphere in these settings. Also, there’s clearly a tri-partite tension among the unions and business, and the government that’s trying to keep things in a reasonable state of balance. Violence against non-participants in large-scale, organised strikes is hardly unique to Africa: prominently, the Teamsters in the USA were notorious for coercing people to participate.

I could carry on about how, like most countries in the world, South Africa has a broad spectrum of political stances and social attitudes that are mutually antagonistic, which nonetheless manage to coexist fairly peacably.

Instead, I’ll leave well enough alone in the hope that you will examine your position with these thoughts in mind.


Good post. I agree with Anacoluthon64. My experience with people claiming these kind of things, is that they rarely know what they’re talking about from experience. It’s alway based on some sort of story they heard.

Oh, and one other formidable obstacle: think of what is required to keep the requisite logistical infrastructure for coordinating such a large effort under wraps.

And thank you for the compliment, bluegray V - they’re always welcome. :wink:


sigh This was exactly what I hoped wouldnt happen.

You were talking about Uhuru, I gave you another view to look at it. In turn, my post gets torn to shreds because you choose not to believe it.

Really, I dont mind what you believe and dont believe. Take this information and burn it if you want to? Where did I get it? From places like: Interpol, SAPS, Military Intel etc. I am not here to justify myself to you, understand that very well.

I purely gave my views on what I perceive to be a threat and you can really do with this information what you please.

But if you think that you are going to do searches on the NET, to find “SECRET DOCUMENTS” wrt a white slaughter, or you are going to find documents lying around wrt current crime stats depicting racial status, (hell if you think you’ll find crime stats at all), then with all due respect, you are naieve.

This information doesnt just LIE around. Sometimes, just SOMETIMES, people in the right areas leak information out to the public, I happen to have been privelaged enough to be one of them. If you dont like what I tell you, then ignore this post for Pete’s sake.

I dont force you to believe anything I tell you.

But for the record, none of the things I said can be proven wrong by any of you can they?
Second of all, take your time to read the censored news, even THAT should give you some indication of where this country is going. Hell people, you dont have to tear an article to shreads because you do not want to acknowledge the possibility that it may be true.

But maybe I know why most people do that… if anyone acknowledges the problem, he has to face it and do something about it. I guess it is just too much effort.


Ps My views on Siener v Rensburg is irrelevant in the light of what I mentioned in the article.

@meisiekind2 (is there a meisiekind1? :wink: )
Thank you for trying to warn us. I’m sure that you have only good intentions. However, I do not see how much good it can do to cry wolf if you don’t have any supporting evidence.

I am certain that many of these ideas are real and that there are people planning all sorts of horrible things in secret. But this is nothing new. That is what extremists and terrorists do and fortunately they are usually in the minority. But the majority of the rest of the people have no interest in killing or causing harm to anyone.

We in South Africa have gone through a time of great change in the way we see other people living with us. Some embrace the differences and incorporate it in their day to day living, others are afraid to do so for very human reasons. But if you make a little effort to understand the differences, you will find that you have more in common with the people around you than the differences between you. That should not be surprising, because in the end we are all humans with the same dreams, fears, and limitations.

You must remember that because there is little censorship on the web, that there are also a lot of views and opinions. But not all ideas have equal value. Therefore everyone has to make it her/his own responsibility to separate the good ideas from the bad. Unfortunately that is a skill that not many possess, but that can be learned. That is why I started this forum - to provide the critical balance to all the faulty ideas that you find on the web. It does not mean I/we are always right, all it means, is that we have a higher standard of what we consider to be true.

Thanks to Anacoluthon64 for the links: a quick scan over your post reveals these fallacies of argumentation.
Appeal to authority
Burden of proof

Hi meisiekind2

Firstly… your post was not torn to shreds… you were welcomed by more than one, as well as thanked for your input. Yet I detect a tantrum-like response towards those who dare disagree, or does not wholeheartedly give you the “Freedom of the city”… Regtig meisiekind, jy sal moet leer om meer verdraagsaam te wees.

If that is the trend at http://boerevryheid.co.za/modules.php?name=Jig (Which is where you are to be contacted)then I am really not interested. BTW. This is my own opinion, and not that of the group. Just for the record… I am over 40, White and Afrikaans, a Christian AND openminded. I believe in freedom and justice for all, and that right is right and wrong is wrong. Wrong painted in 4 colors is still wrong. I believe that we are all created equal, and then we start stuffing up things!!! ;D

You can of course also see this as a tantrum, but then again, someone else will jump on my case again…
I think that what I’m actually trying to say as the same thing that bluegray V has just said.
We have the right to our own opinions…
We have the right to respect those who differ…
We do not have the right to judge others…

Lastly… I think if someone asks you a question like "Where do you stand with regards to the so called prophecies of siener van Rensburg? " - it is your right not to answer, but it is polite to answer.

BTW All of this is on recyclable media and can not be burnt… ;D

…but we can judge their ideas :wink:

btw I hope someone notices the little favicon I made. It goes especially well with the one from the page you just linked ;D

Could not agree more… actually I could, but that would be pushing it :smiley:

Think the favicon is tooo cute - wanted to say devine… bit then I’m stepping on 64 toes again!!! ;D

I have a new thoery on this Uhuru bussiness :wink:

What if… ‘they’ realised that Uhuru was doomed to failure for much of the reasons posted here (ie. keeping it a secret for so long, and logistical problems etc.) ‘They’ then ‘convinced’ some prominent Afrikaans leaders (i use the term very loosely here) to start advocating the volkstaat idea. I mean if you can’t kill’em all, just get them move to some piece of useless dessert on their own accord.


(should make for a good conspiracy theory…)