Useless information chat thread

I’m the only one on the forum that seem to have the urge to post random and useless stuff (usually about stuff that happens around me and to me), so I figure I’m going to start this thread to post my rubbish in, read it or ignore it, it makes live easier for everybody including myself as I can then stop questioning whether its worthy of a mention or not (since its already classified as useless).

And feel free to add your own useless thoughts should you have the occassion to have them. I sincerely doubt Mefiante would make use of this though.

I just had a B12 shot, and damn, it burns, why the hell cant they invent a B12 shot that doesnt burn?

What is a B12 shot? Sounds like some type of shotgun blast, be careful in the city :wink:

Vitamin B12, vitamin B12 or vitamin B-12, also called cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin with a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, and for the formation of blood. It is one of the eight B vitamins. It is normally involved in the metabolism of every cell of the human body, especially affecting DNA synthesis and regulation, but also fatty acid synthesis and energy production.

I’m anemic (well, most of the time), and tend to suffer from extreme exhaustion due to the iron levels being almost non-existent, so every once in a while I go get a series (they come in three, one every two days) to perk me up. I generally try to just eat more liver/spinach and other very red (meat) or very green (plant matter) stuff but having the injection works faster… :confused:

This doesn’t answer why there is no burn-free B12 injection, but does question whether we need the buggers in the first place.

I had a B12 shot a few years ago, and was rewarded with gales of laughter after making a similar complaint to a very well-read GP buddy of mine. His question was “Do you have a deficiency? Or do you just like supporting a scam?”.

I didn’t have or like either option and was embarrassed that I had thought B12 injections were science-based. Yet another victim of good marketing!

Check these out:

I’m anemic (most of the time), and its certainly not a supplement in my case, I tend to keel over and wake up in an ambulance if I dont watch my diet carefully or ignore the by now familiar hollers from my body that something’s up (or lacking rather). Its like giving naughty kids Ritalin with the hope that it would turn the kid into an angel, it helps those that need it and the rest can have it because it makes them think it helps them, there’s a scam for everything and a sucker born every minute but it unfortunately detracts from the value that it gives those who really need it.

Hey Lurkie!! You have’nt been around for YONKS! Nice to see you posting again!

Yeah, Lurkie had to workie! Like bezerkie!

Thanks for the welcome Faerie.

B12 can be injected intravenously, however I think you also require a more qualified medical person to do it.

That would be fairly pain-free, no?

The nurse in the downstairs clinic administered a rather painfree injection which burns the living shites out of you afterwards… :smiley:

We had fruit trees that were diagnosed with an iron deficiency. We hammered nails into the trunks and they recovered beautifully.

Shame… and ouch, treating the soil would have probably been a more humane manner in which to treat them albeit it probably would have taken longer for them to recover. I cant see myself being punchured with a nail or even sucking on one…(although that might help me quit smoking)

So that’s why needles are made out of metal.


Ek love random useless informasie - het jy al ooit QI van Stephen Fry gekyk? (Nie alles is noodwendig altyd waar nie, maar dit trek nooit af van die program se intersantheid nie)

Hou vas aan daai strokie van jou B12, miskien kan jy dit vir belasting gebruik, interessant dat mens homopatiese “medisyne” ook bv kan aftrek by jou mediese aftrekkings, as jy ouer as 65 kan jy so te se enigiets aftrek wat medies klink, anders kan jy ek dink, die deel wat 7% van jou belasbare inkomste na mediese bydraes (gesinslimiet) aftrek is, af trek, so hou maar vas aan jou vitamiene slippie ;D

Thanks for the warning! I’ve only had some B-52 shots. Luckily they were painless.


Love it. Laat mens partykeer agterkom hoe ONskepties mens kan wees oor alledaagse goed.

In the spirit of this new thread, I’ll let you in on a dirty little secret of mine. Every year, I bake … for a church bazaar.

I am a bit of a bread enthusiast, and some years ago started experimenting with slow fermented sourdough loaves and a wood fired oven. A friend ordered a few loaves to flog at her regular table at her church’s annual bazaar, and I’m chuffed to say it turned out quite a hit. So every year since I’ve made a batch of my signature loaves for her little project.


Let them have unleavened bread.

Bwhahahahaaa!! We’re all capatilists at heart… or are you doing it for the charitable feeling?

I’m quite partial to B-52’s as well, my record (at age 18 which is more than double the years ago) was 29 of the little bastards before I keeled over from the barstool.