Which one is modern medicine: Allopathy or Homeopathy?

  1. Allopathy is based on alleviation of symptoms, not cure of a functional or structural defect. Once cured, the disease comes back after some time, this time with much greater intensity. Homeopathy treats the root cause of the disease. You have along lasting to permanent cure.

  2. Allopathy uses the human body as a passive battlefield usually trashed in the process by drug and radiation. Homeopathy often avoids surgery.

  3. Antibiotics kill bad as well as healthy bacteria. This result in weakening of immune system. Homeopathic medicines strengthen the immune system by building resistance to sickness. They do not disturb or hamper digestive system.

  4. Most patients of allopathy tend to have been over-medicated, repeated frequently and for long term, making them dependent/addictive, resulting in side effects. Medicines kept going in and out of market every few decades once their side effects become obvious to the general public. Homeopathic medicines are ultra-dilute doses (this makes them non-toxic, safe and free from side effects) administered in minute quantity. Medicines used in the times (200 yrs back) of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann are used even today because of their efficacy.

  5. Allopathic physicians mostly take only physical symptoms of the patient, except the psychiatrist. The emotions and mental state of the patient is not taken into account. Homeopathy is based on the science that the body, mind and emotions are not really separate and distinct, but are integrated. It views disease as a total affection of mind and body, the disturbance of the whole organism. The parts (organs) of the body do not independently get sick. It is the whole person who gets sick.

[ol]- Wrong, ×5.

  • Wrong, ×2.
  • Wrong, ×3.
  • Wrong, ×6.
  • Wrong, ×4.[/ol]

Verdict: 0/20, fail.


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  1. Our body is a temple. Each part/organ of the body has definitely some function to do. Cutting so is the easiest job an allopath can do. The challenge lies in curing it not cut it. The physician/surgeon if possible should cure by medicines, and if not should do surgery as a last resort.
  1. How antibiotics works? http://www.chiro.org/ChiroZine/ABSTRACTS/antibiotics.shtml
  1. Side effects:

Scientific research studies

The Homeopathic Medicine Research Group, formed by the European Union to determine the effectiveness of homeopathy conducted another study in 1996. This study is notable in that skeptics of homeopathy were involved in its design. The study pooled results from 17 clinical trials involving 2,001 patients and found that homeopathy was more effective than placebo with a 0.027% probability that this result was due to chance.

In response, here is a devastating excerpt from the conclusion of a meta-study published in The Lancet in August 2005 (nine years later), comprising near enough 100 clinical trials, i.e. one of much greater statistical significance:

Immediately following, the report adds this:

It seems then that your “evidence” is once again homoeopathically dilute and doesn’t pass muster.



i think, ladies and gentlepersons, we are dealing with your garden variety troll here.
dr malik, erm, if you are just going to dump random info in here, obviously as a marketing tool for your website, or fodder for followers, then maybe apply yourself to a forum that doesnt actively work towards debunking nonsense such as homeopathy, and the like.
i’m not sure what the point of your post is.
and im too lazy and generally uninterrested to follow all the links.
if you can, from your personal experience, illustrate how this works, then lets talk.
all this homeopathy and stuff is prety much placebo work.
your post heading: Which one is modern medicine: Allopathy or Homeopathy? , alludes to you actually believing that these two options are scientific medicine, as opposed to feel-good medicine.
going to a homeopath will get you healed as much as dumping yourself in the ganges. might end up making you sicker, both of these options that is.

How homeopathy medicine works?

The exact mechanism has not been fully understood as of now. Various mechanisms of its working are

  1. Stimulating homeostatic mechanism
  2. Memory of water (Jacques Benveniste)
  3. Quantum Mechanics
  4. Entanglement
  5. Resonance

A homeopath would consider this strong “evidence”, depending on the dilution! :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t!

Barring what I just said above, it would have been fairly reasonable if you had stopped at the end of the first sentence. After that, it just looks like you are making stuff up! My understanding is that we have a fairly good understanding of homeostasis - this mechanism is being stimulated all the time by varying stimuli to various degrees - how exactly does homeopathy do its stimulating so as to have any sort of effect? Memory of water is a good one - is it a selective memory or does it remember everything? If I drank a sample of water from my pool, what would it have remembered and how could I tell? I don’t know what to ask about the last 3 … Maybe you have some evidence for these?

I watched the movie A Knight’s Tale again this weekend and the following quote comes to mind - “You have been weighed. You have been measured. And you have been found wanting!”

No it is not. It is a trial and error old-wives tale hobby that people who like wearing beads and the smell of incense practice. Science is something else in my opinion.

Listing the various mechanisms won’t cut it! Please explain exactly how e.g Quantum Mechanics ‘works’ in Homeopathy. What does ‘Entanglement’ “Resonance” etc mean?..lest we write it all off as Bullshit Baffles Brains!

Only if it has been systematically bashed around as well during the process of dilution. Oh wait, it has! Silly me.


You actually cite Jacques Benveniste??? His claims have been utterly discredited by Randi and others: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v334/n6180/pdf/334287a0.pdf

If one considers the attitudes displayed during the recent strikes, and doctors attitudes in general regarding exorbitant medical costs; perhaps Apathy is a better term modern medicine.

I’m not sure South African medics are representative. And, as far as I saw, nurses were the worst offenders. Doctors much less so. (And, unfortunately, there is an absolute surfeit in nonsense in nursing. Read some nursing journals - it’ll raise the hairs on your back. More pomo nonsense that I can stomach, for example. And I speak as the creator of the “Postmodernism is stupid” Facebook group).

There is lot of misconception among skeptics of homeopathy medicine. They need to told the basic fundamentals of homeopathy.


It covers Definition of Health, Principles of Homoeopathy, How homeopathy works?, Sources of Homeopathic medicines, What medical conditions homeopathy treat? Preventive Medicine, etc

Any further query or apprehension or criticism is welcome.

No, there isn’t. By far the bulk of the misconception exists among homoeopathy’s proponents. This link exemplifies it.

No, it isn’t. Or, only if the use of the word “welcome” is to be read as “will be answered with obfuscation and convenient invention.” This link exemplifies it.

Homoeopathy supporters are living in a two-hundred-year-old dream world and are desperately trying to cling to defunct, outmoded and bankrupt thinking by making stuff up. This link exemplifies it.