Deserving a facepalm

And now republicans(via Trump) are guilty of pushing vaccines too fast, and democrats are guilty of delaying them too long… What a time to be alive! (video, don’t watch it all, too long)

Typical politics: “All I know is, I’m against whatever my opponent is doing right now”

It’s like everyday the internet gets worse


At least the art isn’t too bad.

Not too bad?! You realise how big that ship has to be?!

Giant, as advertised. But that’s art for you.

I really, really wish that I could come up with this kind of bullshit. It’s got to be worth something, probably a lot.

The BS-to-word ratio here must be some kind of world record.

That’s what marketing and advertising types are for and why such agencies are so pricey: A huge amount of dedicated effort is needed to construct such monumental baloney.


a Bottle of Rainbow!! :crazy_face:

Well, you can pay or you can just initiate a convo with a certain D. Mabus. (Is that like saying Voldemort?)

Isn’t that the same stuff that unicorns drink?

Ladies and gentle-heathens, I present to you the all time winner of SIMULTANEOUSLY the worst, and most amazing, science conference of all time rolled into one. It just blows me away. On one hand, you have net positive nuclear fusion. I mean… it doesn’t get any bigger than that. That’s only like 100 years in the making. That’s a once-in-a-lifetime breakthrough. Amazing. Breathtaking. About time. Now nuclear fusion power plants are surely only 20 years away… :wink:

On the other hand, the people announcing this discovery made great pains to make sure it is “equitable”, “diverse” and “inclusive”. What!?! What the fuck are you on about? Science is no place for this political bullshit! For Pete’s sake! But it gets worse: Extra credit goes to… drumroll please: Joe Biden for making it all possible … <sarcasm> I’m sure he was instrumental</sarcasm>.

Let’s not forget, The most important part of this discovery is what it means for (checks papers): Creating weapons.

throws papers in the air and walks away muttering: “Fucking people man…”

Astrophysics is steeped in white supremacy.

Aaaah, brainy chicks that stand up for their beliefs are soooo adorable!


What a wonderful god.